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Corn Planter 2BGYF series-DEKENag


Corn Planter 2BGYF series-DEKENag

Corn Machine
2BGYF series corn planter is used for planting corn, soybean, etc. It is applicable to fertilize and seed in the plains and hilly area.

1. What is Corn Planter


The corn planter refers to a planting machine that uses crop corn seeds as a seeding object (while taking into account crops such as soybeans). Usually, the name of the planter is often referred to as the name of the crop species, such as corn planter, grain seed drill, corn seed drill, cotton. Planters, pasture spreaders, etc.


2. DEKEN 2BGYF series Corn Fertilizer Planter Introduction


2BGYF series corn planter is used for planting corn, soybean, etc. It is applicable to fertilize and seed in the plains and hilly area.


There are two independent boxes for seeds and fertilizer respectively. Its seeding rows could be 2-7 rows to meet different request of the customers, and finish seeding by the chains transmission. With the features of seeding uniformity, high working efficiency, saving seeds, and the depth of seeding can be regulated and controlled, the row spacing is stable.


3. DEKEN 2BGYF series Corn Fertilizer Seeder Advantages:


- The uniform seeding and the same depth.

- The seeding depth can be regulated and controlled

- Stable rows spacing

- Attached to 15-80hp tractor


4. DEKEN 2BGYF series Corn Fertilizer Planter Basic Specification


DEKEN 2BGYF series Corn Precision Planter









Working depth(mm)


No.of rows




Row spacing(mm)


Planting distance(mm)


Matched power(hp)




Total weight(kg)





Cat I






DEKEN 2BGYF series Corn Precision Planter









Working depth(mm)


No.of rows




Row spacing(mm)


Planting distance(mm)


Matched power(hp)




Total weight(kg)





Cat II


5. How to use DEKEN Corn Planter Correctly


The corn planter has the characteristics of uniform seeding, uniform depth, stable row spacing, good soil covering, seed saving and high work efficiency. The correct use of the planter should pay attention to the following 10 points:


(1) Maintenance before entering the field


It is necessary to clean the sundries in the seeding box and the grass and soil on the opener to ensure good condition, and to add lubrication to the transmission and rotating parts of the tractor and the planter according to the requirements of the manual, especially for each operation. Pay attention to the lubrication and tension of the drive chain and the tightening of the bolts on the seed drill.


(2) The rack cannot be tilted


Do not tilt the seed drill after it has been attached to the tractor. When working, the front and rear of the planter's rack should be horizontal.


(3) Do a good job of various adjustments


According to the provisions of the instruction manual and the agronomic requirements, the seeding amount, the row spacing of the opener, and the depth of the dredging and pressing wheel are adjusted appropriately.


(4) Pay attention to adding seeds


Add seeds to the seed box to achieve no small, sputum, and miscellaneous to ensure the effectiveness of the seed; secondly, the seed box should be added at least to cover the entrance of the seed box to ensure smooth seeding.


(5) Trial broadcast


In order to ensure the quality of sowing, before carrying out large-scale planting, it is necessary to insist on trial broadcasting for 20 meters and observe the work of the planter. Consultation with agricultural technicians, local farmers, etc., confirming that the local agronomic requirements are met, and then planting large areas.


(6) Pay attention to the straight line


The agricultural machine operator chooses the walking route of the operation, and should ensure the addition and mechanical access. It is necessary to pay attention to the straight line in the straight line when planting. It is not allowed to slow down or stop midway to avoid replay or missed broadcast. To prevent blockage of the opener, the lift of the planter should be operated while traveling, and the planter should be lifted when turning backwards or turning.


(7) First broadcast the ground


First spread the ground, so as not to harden the ground, resulting in too shallow sowing.


(8) Frequent observation


When planting, the working conditions of the seed metering device, the opener, the covering device and the transmission mechanism are often observed, such as clogging, clay, entanglement, and poor seed coverage, and timely elimination. Adjustment, repair, lubrication or cleaning of grass wraps must be done after parking.


(9) Protection of parts


When the seed drill is working, it is strictly forbidden to reverse or turn sharply. The lifting or lowering of the planter should be carried out slowly to avoid damage to the machine.


(10) Pay attention to the seed box


The seed in the seed box shall not be less than 1/5 of the volume of the seed box during operation; when transporting or transferring the land, the seed box shall not contain seeds, and shall not be loaded with other heavy objects.


6. Troubleshooting of the Corn Planter


(1) Seed metering device is not seeded


The main reason is that the transmission gears are not engaged, or the square holes of the sorting shafts are worn, adjusted, repaired or replaced.


(2) Individual metering devices do not work


The reason is that the seed scaffolding or the seeding device mouth in the individual seed box is blocked by the sundries, and the sundries should be cleaned. The connecting pin of the seeding shaft and the individual seeding sheave is broken, and the pin should be replaced. The individual seed box inserts are not pulled apart and the inserts should be pulled apart.


(3) Seeds are sorted, but there are no seeds in individual species.


The reason is that the opener or the seed tube is clogged (mostly on the opener of the ground wheel), the blockage should be cleaned, and corresponding measures should be taken to prevent debris from falling into the opener.


(4) The seeding is not stopped and the control is lost.


The reason is that the separation pin of the clutch strut is detached or the separation gap is too small, and the pin should be reinstalled and locked, or the separation gap should be adjusted.


(5) The seeding is intermittent and the seeding is uneven.


The reason is that the gear meshing clearance is too large and the gear is slippery and should be adjusted. The spring of the clutch spring is too weak, the gear should be slippery, and the spring should be adjusted or replaced.


7. Other Related Products


-DEKEN also supply disc plough, disc harrow, share plough, sprayer, fertilizer spreader, etc.


8. How to order ?


-After you decide to purchase, we will send you proforma invoice with our bank information, bring this PI to the bank, and ask to make T/T for the deposit. For single set, your machine can be delivered within 5 days after we getting the deposit, we will send to the port and deliver to you by sea.

-In case of for more handling charges, you can transfer 100% of the payment, we can arrange the products and shipping under your allowance

-If you still don't understand, please do not hestitate to ask me.


9. Why Choose Us? 


a. Strong Technical Support


Deken has professional and technical personnels to supply before-sale and after-sale service.


b. Top Quality Assurance


DEKEN has strict material selection

DEKEN self manufactured and installed

DEKEN has advanced equipments and first-class production technology


c. Sound after-sale system, sincere and all-aspect service

DEKEN products have 1 year warranty period and life-long aftersale parts service.


d. OEM service is acceptable, every products can be customized


DEKEN can also accept OEM for dealers around the world.


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