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4YZP-4 Four Rows Corn Harvester


4YZP-4 Four Rows Corn Harvester

Corn Machine
DEKEN 4YZP-4 the corn harvester can pick up the ear, stock, and chip the straw into pieces in a one operation when the corn is mature. It can harvest two rows in one time. This type has a very smart structure, very high working effect and working efficiency and durability.

1. What is Corn Combine Harvester?


The corn harvester is a farm implement that performs a plurality of operations such as picking up the ear, stacking, and chipping the straw into pieces in a single operation when the corn is mature.


Process: The corn harvester is used to pick the ear in the state of corn growth (called standing stalk picking), and the stem of the ear is pulled off under the action of the picking roll and the picking plate. Due to the difference in height between the inner and outer picking rolls, the ears fall into the ear box, and the ears are filled and the boxes are piled up. The high-speed rotating cutter cuts the straw from the root and enters the pulverizing mechanism to chop the pieces into 3-5CM long pieces. After the chopping, the straw naturally falls. The ears are then transported to the field, peeled with a peeling machine, and threshed after drying.


2. Two Types of Corn Harvesting work


(1) Subsection harvesting method:


There are two different operating procedures for segmentation:


(a) Cut and lay the corn with a windrower. After drying for several days, the grain moisture should be reduced to 20-22%, and the seeds and skins should be picked up and peeled by mechanical or manual, and then transported to the field for threshing with a thresher.


(b) Peeling with a peeler and then threshing, or directly threshing the ears. The stalks are chopped by machine or smashed into a disk.


(2) Combine harvesting method:


There are several different harvesting techniques for the combined harvesting process:


(a) using a corn combine harvester, one time to finish picking, peeling (or threshing, at which time the grain moisture should be 25%-29%), stalk laying or chopping and throwing back to the field, and then without The ears of the eucalyptus leaves are transported to the field and threshed after drying (or without drying).


(b) Replace the corn header with a grain combine harvester and complete the operations of picking, peeling (granulation, separation and cleaning) at one time. The stalks in the ground are shredded with other machinery, and some corn cutting tables are equipped with cutters. The corn is first cut down and the whole plant is fed into a threshing device of the combine harvester for threshing, separation and cleaning.


(c) Cut the corn with a windrower (or artificial) and place it in a herringbone strip. After a few days of drying, use a grain combine harvester equipped with a picker to pick up the threshing.


3. DEKEN (GIMIG) 4YZP-4 Four Rows Corn Combine Harvester Introduction


DEKEN 4YZP-4 the corn harvester can pick up the ear, stock, and chip the straw into pieces in a one operation when the corn is mature. It can harvest two rows in one time. This type has a very smart structure, very high working effect and working efficiency and durability.



4. DEKEN 4YZP-4 Corn Combine Harvester Basic Specification


4YZP-4 Corn Combine Harvester





Overall size


Number of Rows


Suitable row spacing(mm)


Total Weight(kg)


Rated Power(kw)


Mini Ground Clearance(mm)


Max Unload Height(mm)


Cubage of Tank(m3)


Loss rate of grain


Loss rate of ears (%)


Peeling bract Rate (%)


Broken rate of grain






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6. How to order ?


-After you decide to purchase, we will send you proforma invoice with our bank information, bring this PI to the bank, and ask to make T/T for the deposit. For single set, your machine can be delivered within 5 days after we getting the deposit, we will send to the port and deliver to you by sea.

-In case of for more handling charges, you can transfer 100% of the payment, we can arrange the products and shipping under your allowance

-If you still don't understand, please do not hestitate to ask me.


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