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Winter agricultural machinery application of small common sense

Winter agricultural machinery application of small common sense


Author:Dekenag  Alice


In recent years, with the development of agricultural economy, agricultural mechanization level unceasing enhancement, plus the JiangNong huimin policy, agricultural machinery and equipment is widely used, in order to further improve the service life of the agricultural machinery and economic benefits, in the winter to take a series of practical and effective maintenance of antifreezing measures of agricultural machinery, mainly has the following four aspects:


First, the unused machinery and tools body to a comprehensive cleaning and physical examination to remove dirt, and apply oil to prevent rust


Second, when tractors are engaged in road transportation, they should pay attention to traffic safety. Due to the frozen road surface, the adhesion performance of tractors and road surface becomes worse, and the tires are easy to slip and traffic accidents occur. Therefore, the driving speed should be controlled.


Third, the scientific application of agricultural machinery. For the internal combustion machinery, the water in the fuel tank should be released regularly to strictly prevent water from mixing into the diesel oil, so as to avoid damage to the engine by freezing. Should prevent rubber piece ageing, the rubber piece of agricultural machinery and tools if be affected with damp or be touched with oil, easy ageing produces crack, shorten service life. Therefore, triangle belts or flat tape on tractors, cultivators, pumps should be removed, hung on walls or placed in dry and ventilated areas.


Fourth, should set up a farm machinery "nest". In particular, some large agricultural machinery such as harvesters, tractors, to avoid sun and rain, stored in a ventilated, dry warehouse.