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What should be paid attention to when using deep pine machine

What should be paid attention to when using deep pine machine


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Notes for use of deep pine machine are as follows:

1. Special personnel shall be responsible for maintenance and use of deep pine machines, familiar with the performance of deep pine machines, understand the structure of the machines and the adjustment methods and use of each operation point.


2. Before working with the deep pine machine, the connection bolts of all parts must be checked and no loose phenomenon is allowed. Check all parts grease, not enough to add in time. Check wear and tear of wearing parts.


3. In deep pine operations, the spacing distance of deep pine should be kept consistent. Work should be done at a constant speed and in a straight line.


4. Make sure not to loose, leak or drag the heap when working.


5. Check the operation situation at any time during the operation, and clean up immediately if any blockage is found.


6. If there is abnormal noise during the operation, the machine should stop the operation in time, and continue the operation after finding out the reason and solving the problem.


7. When the machine is working and there is a sudden increase of hardness and resistance, please stop working immediately, eliminate the bad situation, and then operate.


8. In order to guarantee the service life of thedeep pine machine, it should be carried out slowly when the machine is put into soil and unearthed, instead of forcing the operation.


9. The equipment shall undergo a comprehensive inspection for a period of time, and the fault shall be repaired in time.


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