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Use and maintenance of the cultivator

Use and maintenance of the cultivator


Author:Dekenag  Alice


As a kind of small tillage and finishing machine widely used in rice planting area in China. Due to its simple structure, convenient operation, low price, and strong adaptability, the supporting farm tools such as plough, rake and roller can carry out the whole-process tillage and land consolidation operations, which is widely welcomed by rural areas in paddy fields and has become its main machinery and tools.


It requires certain skills and professional operational knowledge when operating a complete cultivator. The following points should be paid special attention:


(1)Before operation, the gearbox should be provided with a certain amount of oil as required in the operation manual.(2) When abnormal sound is found in use, the engine should be stopped immediately, and the engine should be put out.(3) When the engine is not shut down, it is strictly prohibited to stand in front of the machine and pull the complete machine.(4) Milk cleaning drive wheel and the grass on the plow should be made to stop the equipment completely, preferably to stall the engine;(5) Zh curve is applied slowly, and the field should be artificially transferred, especially when the power is high ridge, the power should be put out and the ridge should be raised.(6) The seat of the single-wheel cultivator has two supporting points. The unsupported point should be placed on the side of the balance plate and appropriate soil weight should be added in the balance plate to prevent rollover.(7) When the two-wheel cultivator road turns downhill, the steering clutch is completely opposite to the tillage. Turn right to turn left to the handle, turn left to the handle.


Must often feed the tillage machine each movement piece. The gear box should be checked regularly for lubrication. Check the bolts at the joints regularly to see if they are firm and reliable. After one season of operation, the machine should be cleaned and stored in a ventilated and dry room to extend the service life of the machine.


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