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Use and maintenance of diesel type

Use and maintenance of diesel type


Author:Dekenag  Alice


1. Matters needing attention before and at the beginning of use of microtillers

A. Before using the micro-tiller, please grind the engine oil and chassis oil (which can be added to the chassis after precipitation) for more than 12 hours on the neutral throttle, clean the oil filter, and add the clean CD level 40 # diesel engine oil for reuse.

B. In the early stage of operation, overload tillage should be avoided, and the engine oil and chassis should be replaced by medium and small loads for more than 48 hours (clean the engine and chassis with clean oil).

C. replace the oil every 180 hours after the operation period

D. pay attention to cleaning the appearance of the machine during farming to keep it cool.


2. Matters needing attention when adding fuel and fuel label

A. add 0 # diesel.

B. Add it to 70% of the oil tank to avoid diesel overflow when farming.

C. When adding fuel, the engine should be shut off first.

D. The diesel filter net cannot be taken out when adding fuel.


3. Matters needing attention when adding lubricating oil and marking of lubricating oil

A. Add the CD40 or CC40 diesel engine oil in the engine and chassis, and avoid adding gear oil in the chassis.

B. when checking the oil quantity, the machine should be in a horizontal position.

C. When checking the oil amount with the oil ruler, do not rotate the oil ruler. The oil position should be between the upper and lower scales, and not exceed the highest scale.


4. Matters needing attention before the start of microtillage machine

A. in A neutral position

B. check whether the engine and chassis have enough oil.

C. check for fuel.

D. check whether the bolts are loose.

E. pay attention to the posture of starting, keep the feet away from the cutter, and keep the feet away from the cutter. At the same time, don't stand in front of the machine.


5. Matters needing attention in operation of microtillage machine

A. no one can stand in front of the machine while working.

B. do not keep objects, such as clothes, close to the rotary cutter during machine cultivation

C. when encountering large stones or other obstacles during machine cultivation, grab the clutch in advance, and let the machine bypass before tilling.


6. Matters needing attention in the transfer process of microtillage surface

A. the engine must stall when transferring.

B. The engine must be shut off when moving over the ridge. It is not necessary to let people pull the machine in front of the ridge.


7.  Matters needing attention when using reverse gear

A. Be sure to use it at A low throttle

B. do not use reverse gear when you are not proficient.

C. When using reverse gear, pay attention to the position of the feet. Do not get too close to the cutter.

D. use reverse gear carefully when working rice fields.


8. Matters needing attention when cleaning winding materials on microtillers

A. The engine must be turned off when cleaning the coil on the cutter of the micro-cultivator.

B. Do not use your hands to clean the winding materials on the cutter of the micro-cultivator. Use metal objects such as sickle to clean them


9.  How to properly clean and maintain air filters, oil filters and diesel filters

A. during the farming season, the filter core and filter cup of the air filter must be cleaned every shift. In the empty filter cup, proper amount of oil must be added, not too much.

B. the oil filter must be cleaned when the engine changes oil.

C. the diesel filter must be cleaned after 3-6 months.


10. How to choose appropriate cutting tools for different cultivated land

A. Deep tillage cutter: applicable to deep tillage and open land, but easy to wind up grass.

B. High efficiency paddy wheel: applicable to all kinds of paddy fields, but no more than 45 cm.

C. dry land scimitar: suitable for all kinds of dry land farming, but the soil moisture cannot be too heavy.

D. Six square roller cutter: applicable to the field with heavy moisture and more weeds.


11.  Maintenance method of the micro cultivator when it is idle for a long time

A. remove the diesel from the tank.

B. remove the entanglement from the machine.

C. Remove the oil in the engine and chassis, and clean it and add clean oil.

D. clean the appearance of the machine.

E. put the sierra at the top of the dead center.


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