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Type of farm machinery maintenance

Type of farm machinery maintenance


Author:Dekenag  Alice


One is the new machine maintenance, also known as the maintenance after the test run, the new machine or overhaul after the agricultural machinery needs to carry on the run-in namely the test run. During the test run, pay attention to observe the operation of each working part, check and adjust it at any time, and remove any problems as soon as possible. After the test run, the farm machinery must be fully maintained. The main content of maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions in the instruction for the use of agricultural machinery.

Two is to deposit maintain, call again after the season maintains. Agricultural machinery work has seasonal, after seasonal work is finished, often want to park a few months even more than half a year. It's important to do the maintenance after the season. If not properly maintained and kept, parts will be deformed, corroded and aged and lost in storage. It not only shortens the service life of agricultural machinery, but also results in the consequences that can no longer be put into use. Accordingly the agricultural machine hand should press the requirement of manual of agricultural machinery use, do good deposit maintain a job.

Third, regular maintenance, namely technical maintenance and technical overhaul. Agricultural machinery work 200 ︿ after 500 hours, must conduct a comprehensive maintenance and repair. The specific practice is to carry out a comprehensive cleaning, inspection, lubrication, adjustment, replacement, fastening, repair of agricultural machinery. Repair or replace damaged or worn parts and reassemble them.

Fourth, shift maintenance, also known as daily maintenance. In order to keep the agricultural machinery in the best technical condition, it should be maintained before and after operation every day. That is, cleaning, inspection, lubrication, adjustment, replacement, fastening.

Fifth, special maintenance, also known as targeted maintenance. This is usually after the accident of agricultural machinery carried out a targeted maintenance. For example, in the operation or transfer of agricultural machinery, there are accidents such as turning over, dumping water into the river, ditching, collision, etc., which require the maintenance and repair of a certain part to restore the performance of agricultural machinery.