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Treatment of malfunctioning of agricultural brakes

Treatment of malfunctioning of agricultural brakes


Author:Dekenag  Alice


If you do not pay attention to changing the brake fluid regularly, or the brake system aging, the system lost sealing, the brake fluid may water. So there's steam coming out of the braking system at high loads. The result: a sudden reduction in brake pressure. Think about it: the car is moving at a high speed and suddenly finds that the brakes aren't working. Do not panic at this time, do not take it for granted that the hand brake suddenly pull, because the hand brake general effect on the rear axle, in the high-speed situation even if the brake pad red will not be useful, but will cause the car to swing the tail.


The correct approach: immediately try to lower gear 1 to 2, commonly known as engine deceleration, and repeat on the brake pedal, usually to push the gas out and regain braking force. If that doesn't work, the worst thing to do is to lean carefully against the roadside barrier in the hope of slowing down. But at this point you have to make the car parallel to the guardrails, otherwise the car will bounce out and be dangerous, and finally, when the car is slow, you can use the handbrake to make the car stop.


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