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Tips for rotary tilling machine

Tips for rotary tilling machine


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Correct installation


Rotary rotation stubble machine (product store) is installed on different tractors (product store), which needs to be equipped with universal joint and shaft sleeve of different lengths. For example, the universal joint shaft bushing is 30 mm longer than the universal joint bushing used in the 1.25-meter wide rotary tiller. When installing a universal joint, two clamping forks should be in the same plane. When installing a rotary cultivator, the right and left scimitars should be staggered in the same section of the cutter shaft, and the tip of the first knife at both ends of the cutter shaft should point to the middle. In rotary tillage, the blade should first enter the soil, and there should be a gap of 35-45 mm between the outer edge of the blade and the cover and the lower end of the straw screen.


Flexible adjustment


When entering the field work, adjust the upper pull bar of the tractor hanging arm to make the universal joint work as straight as possible. In the state of deep tillage, the side gear box should be in the vertical or slightly forward state to ensure that the reverse rotary tiller is in the horizontal position. Adjust the right hanger rod to make the cutter shaft parallel to the surface to ensure the stubble depth consistent. When the rotary cultivator enters the soil slowly to the required depth, adjust the "position adjustment" handle to the tillage depth limit. Meanwhile, in order to ensure that the tip of rotary tiller is10 to 20 cm away from the ground when the rotary tiller is turning on the ground, the "lifting height limit" is controlled by screws on the "position adjustment" handle. When rotating the stubble, the "force adjusting" handle must be fixed in the "lifting" position. When turning the end of the field, the rotary tiller will be lifted to avoid damage to the parts.


Timely maintenance


Check and maintain the rotary tillage machine before each landing. One is to check that all fasteners are firm. The other is to clean up and weed out the machine parts. Third, add sufficient gear oil to the gearbox and side gear box, and add butter to the universal joint, bearing seat and other yellow nozzles.


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