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There are 22 kinds of fault in rice transplanter and their elimination methods

There are 22 kinds of fault in rice transplanter and their elimination methods


Author:Dekenag  Alice


1. Poor vertical seedling or floating seedling

Cause:too much or too little water in seedling bed; Improper regulation of planting depth; Surface soil of paddy field is too hard or too soft; The seedling claws are worn.


Elimination method:in addition to the use of corresponding measures, can slow down the rate of seedling transplanting, non-riding transplanter can also press down on the handle.


2. Too many plants


The number of plants per *** is 3-5. The important reason of excessive plant number: excessive moisture in seedling bed; Improper regulation of rice harvesting quantity. Corresponding measures should be adopted to solve the problem.


3. Cause of seedling fragmentation after transplanting rice seedling:small pushing distance; Seedling bed over dry or excessive moisture; The connection between seedling chip and seedling chip is not tight; The surface soil of paddy fields is hard or soft.


Elimination method:except adopting relative measures, the rate of transplanting rice seedling can be lowered, the claws of rice seedling can be exchanged, clearing or changing the seedling trough.


4. The leakage rate of rice transplanter shall not exceed 0. 5%. The main cause of leakage is: uneven seeding of seedling fields; Seedling arched or stuck seedling door; There is mixture in the rice seedling mouth; Overwidth of seedling tray makes vertical seedling difficult.


Elimination method: reload the seedling or cut the seedling into the width of the scale; Remove seedling debris; Exchange density uneven seedling.


5. Causes of seedling unevenness:the soil moisture content of seedling bed is inconsistent; The regulation of seedling needle is inconsistent; The different tightness of vertical rice seedling can also make the seedling unevenness.


Elimination method:in addition to using the corresponding measures to solve, some transplanters can be adjusted one by one to send the rice seedling wheel, so that each vertical transfer distance is 11-12mm.


6. Reasons for seedling accumulation at the door: the seedling claws are worn and cannot be fully taken; The two tips of the seedling claws are not uniform and the distance between the seedling claws is too narrow or wide; Seedling bed soil is too thick, and the soil scale thickness of seedling bed is 2. 5-3 cm.


Elimination: should be timely replacement of the new seedling claw or revised the spacing between the seedling claw.


7. Causes of more or less seedling removal: loose bolts for seedling removal; Lower hole and connecting rod wear.


Elimination:re-adjust the amount of rice seedling and tighten the adjustment bolts; Replace the swing rod and connecting rod shaft.


8. Reason for clipping:needle tip wear; Respectively pin up; Grinding of platen groove; Wear of roller thrusters; Guide sleeve wear; Spring break of pushing spring; Fork and CAM wear.


Elimination:replace worn parts.


9. Reasons for the inconsistency between different depths and depths: the wear of the fork, fork shaft and roller CAM of each planting arm is inconsistent; Each chain box is not on the same level.


Method of elimination: first each chain box revised on the same level, and then replace the worn parts.


10. Failure reason of insertion depth regulation: lifting rod or lifting nut shall produce sliding buckle; Big grinding of fixed pin hole; Rectangular tube fixed pin holder broken.


Elimination:replace the lifting rod, nut or pin shaft; Welding fixed pin holder.


11. Cause of collision of seedling door by needle:dislocation of seedling door; Improper installation of planting arm; The internal hole wear of planting arm crank; Respectively pin up; Excessive regulation of seedling taking; Swing rod shaft free running or lower hole wear.


Elimination method:reset and fix seedling door; Adjust the planting arm to the accurate position; Replace worn cranks or chain shafts; Revise or replace the separate needles; Replace the swing rod or shaft and bearing; Adjust the amount of rice seedling.


12. The reason why the planting arm of a group is not working: the transmission shaft of the chain box is broken; The chain is out of stock or broken.


Elimination method:connect the chain; Replace the transmission shaft.



13. Reasons for job-hopping of seedling box:sliding block or chute wear; The fastening bolts at both ends of the seedling door are loose; Seedling door deformation; Lifting high; Rust on the roller delivering seedling; The roller screws for sending rice seedlings are out of shape.


Elimination: replace the roller and screw first, then check the sliding block chute, in case of serious wear, should be replaced; Fixing screws for seedling door; If the door of the fixed wear, a rectangular gasket can be added; When the lifting handle is too high, use the screwdriver to pry the front end onto the new buffer.


14. Reasons for not working: pin or screw shaft wear; The sliding sleeve retaining bolt is missing.


Elimination:open the working transmission cover, replace the pin or screw shaft; If the retaining bolt of sliding sleeve is not installed, it should be reinstalled.


15. Causes of excessive lifting of the rear end of rice seedling delivery:leakage or damage of rubber buffer blocks.


Elimination method:use the screwdriver to lift the front end and install the new buffer block.


16. The reason why the shaft of the feeding seedling does not rotate:the ratchet pin of the feeding seedling falls off; Ratchet notch wear; The pawl or torsion spring falls off; Axial movement of the sending seedling teeth.



Elimination method: first see whether the ratchet wheel, ratchet claw and torsion spring are intact, if damaged or off, should be replaced; Then, if the ratchet wheel turns and the seedling shaft does not turn, the steel wire pin falls off and the steel wire pin is installed.


17. Small reasons for working Angle of sending seedling shaft:serious wear and tear of peach-shaped wheel and sending seedling CAM.


Elimination:open the working transmission cover and replace the new parts.


18. Reasons for not working of feeding shaft: damage or leakage of positioning key of peach wheel; The peach wheel stuck with the seedling CAM; Transmission CAM wire pin broken or leakage.


The elimination method:if the two wheels are stuck, it is caused by the wear of the seedling and peach shaped wheel, can unload the seedling CAM or peach shaped wheel, and file the working face into a smooth arc surface with a file, the serious wear should be replaced; Replace the key or pin if damaged.


19. Reasons for the intermittent work of the feeding shaft: the weak spring force of the peach-shaped circulating position spring or the convex circulating position spring makes the peach-shaped wheel or the feeding CAM unable to return to position.


Elimination:open the working box cover, remove two return springs, replace the new return springs.


20. Reasons for sticking of positioning clutch handle:after the CAM is worn, and the adjusting nut is stuck.


Eliminate method:remove the separate CAM, grinding the CAM face to a smooth arc with a grinding wheel or file.


21 . The reason for incomplete main clutch:friction disc and pulley bonding; Loose positioning screw causes clutch release pin; The clutch pin is severely worn.


Elimination method:remove the belt wheel assembly, so that the bond part is off, use sandpaper to clean the friction disc saw surface, replace the clutch pin; Tighten the positioning screw.


22. Incomplete reason of positioning clutch:improper adjustment of adjusting nut; Pin and adjusting nut slip buckle respectively; The locating protrusion wear on the clutch insert; Spring break (positioning clutch with fork). Inspection method: open the locating cap first, check whether the adjusting nut is in accurate position, and whether the adjusting nut and the pin are sliding buckle and the pulling spring are broken. In the absence of a title, remove the power output shaft assembly and check the insert position of the crown.


Elimination:adjust the adjusting nut to the correct position; The sliding button of the separate pin or adjusting nut should be replaced. Replace the tension spring; If the locating protruding edge is worn, the meshing surface of the respective teeth can be ground to about 0. 5 mm; Severe wear should be replaced.


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