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The problems that should be paid attention to in the operation of the combined ground machine

The problems that should be paid attention to in the operation of the combined ground machine


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Along with the further reform of the traditional intensive farming model of heilongjiang agricultural reclamation, the "conservation tillage" model, which has been promoted gradually in recent years, can effectively increase soil water storage and fertility, reduce runoff and reduce evaporation, and become an effective means to improve crop yield. As at present, the use of the application in agricultural areas as united soil preparation machine (product library), although a variety of models is different, but basically work the same way, its design is unique, in practice, a job can make deep loosening and stubble, and the broken soil quantity and tillage plough pan and so on, to better play to its advantages, improve the operation quality standard, requirements in the job should be paid attention to the following questions:


1. Remove obstacles in the field


Although the combined ground machine has strong passing performance and is not easy to block, if there are too many straws, it will block the rake blade and cause the drag heap phenomenon. So that the working plot could not reach the standard of deep pine, the ground was pulled out of deep ditch, and the mixture of straw and soil into big piles caused great difficulties for the later cultivation, especially for the later cultivation machinery would cause great damage. Therefore, before operation, weeds and straw and other obstacles should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the quality of operation.


2 . Mechanical preparation


Before the operation, the locomotive should be checked for good technical condition, whether the hanger of the machine and tools is firm, whether all the tubing joints are tight, well sealed and free of oil leakage, and the hydraulic lifting system of each part is good, and the fuel is filled.


3. Timely operation and reasonable division


The locomotive should know the soil moisture and topography before entering the ground. The working soil moisture of the combined planter should be between 25% and 35%, too small will cause a large dry soil, too large will not loose soil effect. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the soil moisture and timing well and carry out the operation timely. During the operation, the division of the field should be carried out reasonably, and the first stroke line and the ground line should be well made to avoid too much idle travel of the locomotive, which will affect the operation efficiency. Generally, the width of the ground head line is 2.5 times of the total length of the farm tools and locomotives, which is more suitable for turning of locomotives. However, the width does not produce an empty stroke, nor does it cause the turning radius to be too small for the locomotives. When the end of the work, the head deep and loose again, until the end to the edge.


4 . Adjust the machine and tools flexibly during operation


During the operation of the combined ground planer, the soil conditions of different places are different, and sometimes the conditions of the same line are different, which requires the driver to adjust the operation of the equipment flexibly. When there are many weeds and soil surface is stiff, the rake blade in the front row should be adjusted to a certain depth, usually 15-20cm. On the contrary, it can be slightly shallow, with a depth of 12 to 15cm. The depth of deep pine is usually between 35 and 45cm. The back row and the mural harrow should be flattened in the trench, not too deep.


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