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The long life of farm machinery is very important



Author:Dekenag  Alice


It is very important to strengthen the accurate maintenance and good storage of agricultural machinery and tools to extend their service life. When the author went to the countryside, he found that many farmers and machine hands did not take measures such as cleaning and maintenance in time after the use of farm machinery and tools, which were placed at will and exposed to the sun for a long time, resulting in rust stains on farm machinery and tools, not only shortening their service life, but also bringing mechanical failures and hidden dangers to future production safety. Therefore, it is suggested that after the use of agricultural machinery and tools, the following measures should be taken as well:


1. Agricultural machinery, such as tillage machine, transplanter, plant protection machine, harvester, sprinkler, tea trimming machine, tea picking machine, etc., shall be cleaned once after being transported home from the field or tea garden, or the soil, weeds and plant residues inside and outside of the machines and tools shall be cleaned with cloth.


2. It is better to put the farm machinery and tools in the special storage room with ventilation and shade, which is not exposed to strong light and the ground is flat without humidity, or in the simple shelter. If the soil surface is seriously wet, the farm machinery and tools should be placed on wood or brick to avoid dampness and rust; Rubber tires and plastic pipes should be protected from strong light, moisture and aging. They should avoid loss of elasticity after hardening and easy to crack leading to leakage and air leakage. Dry water should be put in the diesel engine water tank, and the rotating system should be loose and wide triangular belt.


3. Agricultural machinery and tools must not be mixed with fertilizers and pesticides. Most of the main parts and accessories of agricultural machinery and tools are metal, which is easy to produce chemical reaction in the case of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, leading to metal rust, paint peeling, moldy, metamorphosis and hardening of plastic pipes.


4. Flat tea machine, tea kneading machine, such as the best after maintenance cloth or plastic wrap dust.


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