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The key points of the accurate application of corn silage harvester

The key points of the accurate application of corn silage harvester


Author:Dekenag  Alice


1. Strictly follow product application specification control


Power should be provided according to the machine request, power is too big to damage the machine parts (such as transmission shaft and bearing), too small machine cannot work normally. Before the machine is put into use, the controller must be trained to be familiar with the performance and safety control procedures of the machine.


2. Must understand accurately the import machine mark productivity


Some products are labeled with unit time and kilogram, and some are labeled with walking speed. Silage harvester cutting and grinding, not only because of the crushing part directly affect the efficiency of the whole machine's work efficiency, one wrong think that foreign machine horsepower, ultralimit application, then it will not only premature damage to the machine, will delay the golden harvest time, the service object and operators. Therefore, the speed of the machine should be determined according to the actual output of the field and the given productivity of the machine.


3. Necessary preparations should be made before harvesting


First, all Et ridge in the plot should be levelled so that its height does not exceed lOcm, so as to avoid damage to the cutter and blade protector of the harvester.


4. Many ear maize varieties planted with suitable silage


This kind of corn yields high and is easy to harvest. Although S704 produces high yields, it has few tillers and thick stalks and is difficult to harvest. Because silage corn sowing time compares concentration, reaping time is also very concentrated, if machine is equipped cannot satisfy the demand of working peak period, the corn that late reaps can only be yellow storage, this is very uneconomical. Therefore, it is requested that the silage corn sowing time be properly staggered in order to extend the harvesting period. There is also a requirement to equip the machine according to the peak workload of silage corn harvesting, generally increasing the allocation by 30% of normal operations.


5. Organize the harvesting of silage corn


From the understanding of the situation, the import machine application efficiency is not very satisfied the important reason is the improper production organization. Firstly, the planting area of farmers is small, the idle time of mechanical operation is greater than the pure operation time, the machine turns and runs in empty lots, and the time of drawing and transporting vehicles is long, and the machine utilization rate is low. Second, the master was in a hurry, without training, did not understand the performance of imported machines, control errors caused more human failures; Third, the seller of interest in the market, the exhibition of a large, long front line, after - sales service. Therefore, the planting of silage corn should realize the scope of operation as soon as possible, users should consult more experts when selecting the machine, and sellers should take a long-term perspective to realize high-quality services.


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