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The fault of the tractor has "signal"

The fault of the tractor has "signal"


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Before the failure of the tractor often show a unique appearance phenomenon, which can also be called the signal. These signals are generally audible, audible, visible, touchable or measurable, and can be summarized in the following six ways:


(1) abnormal effect.Abnormal conditions of the technical state and performance of the tractor, such as engine starting difficulties, brake failure of the tractor, slipping of the main clutch, non-power generation of the generator, and too little traction of the tractor, etc.


(2) temperature anomaly.Such as bearing overheating, clutch overheating and generator overheating.


(3) abnormal consumption. Excessive consumption of diesel, oil and cooling water, for example.


(4) abnormal sound,abnormal sound of knocking, firing of guns and abnormal noise when the tractor is working.


(5) abnormal smell. Exhaust band combustion is not fully produced by the smell of oil or friction burning burning, etc.


(6) abnormal appearance.If the exhaust pipes emit white smoke, black smoke or blue smoke, oil leakage, water leakage, leakage of electricity and gas phenomenon everywhere, the light is not bright, parts or components are deranged, each instrument reads beyond the normal range. All the above signs are signs of tractor failure. , the operator should be based on these signals; Specific analysis, timely diagnosis, as soon as possible to find out the cause of trouble.

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