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The "three senses" of farm machinery parts identify the fault of farm machinery

The "three senses" of farm machinery parts identify the fault of farm machinery


Author:Dekenag  Alice


In rural areas, the use of agricultural machinery is relatively common, in the operation of various failures. In normal maintenance, although instruments and instruments can be used to identify the technical status of agricultural machinery parts, but by visual, auditory and tactile "three senses" identification, agricultural operators can initially determine the fault of agricultural machinery.


1. Visual identification.The wear of external parts and the quality of the parts surface can be assessed. For example, the cracks on the cylinder block and cylinder cover, the fatigue shedding of the gears and the surface of the flow bearing, the annealing blue or pitting point after the serious burning loss of the injector and exhaust valve, the friction material wear and burning loss of the clutch and brake, the bite mark of the gear pair, and the light leakage between the piston and cylinder sleeve, etc.


2. Auditory assessment.Auditory identification can be used to gently hit the inspection part of metal parts with a small hammer to determine whether there are cracks in the inner part and whether the connection is close. Generally, the parts with close and intact sound are clear and crisp, while the defective sound is turbid and dumb. This method can be used to identify whether crankshaft, side bar have cracks, bearing alloy and the combination of the body, and import pump castor red wine riveting connection is reliable. In addition, the sound produced by the running gear set can be used to roughly judge the meshing situation.


3. Tactile assessment.Tactile identification can be used to shake with the hand, by feeling to determine the size of its gap, not with measuring tools. Such as the valve rod and valve guide clearance, flow bearings in the radial and axial clearance.


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