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Ten reasons make the engine of the cultivator burning oil and solutions

Ten reasons make the engine of the cultivator burning oil and solutions


Author:Dekenag  Alice


1. The cultivator usually works under the state of overload. In this way, when diesel enters the combustion chamber, it cannot be fully burned and carbon accumulation is formed. The wear of cylinder wall, piston, piston ring and other parts is accelerated, and the oil is channeled from the worn gap to the combustion chamber to form the burning oil. Preventive measures: engines are prohibited from overworking for long periods. When operating in the field, the cultivator should generally keep the exhaust pipe free of black smoke.


2. The newly purchased or overhauled tillage machine is put into full load without running.In this way, piston, piston ring, cylinder wall premature wear, resulting in burning oil. Preventive measures: the newly purchased or overhauled cultivator must run in accordance with the regulations. Specific running-in requirements are: ⅠⅢgears, Ⅱempty load running in half an hour, a third load in 1 hour each, two-thirds of load in 2 hours each, reverse gear empty load running in half an hour, xinji normal operation hours, 50 should strike out oil, engine oil pan and clean diesel crankcase oil change and cleaning.


3 . The direction of piston ring is reversed during engine repair. When the engine is working, the reverse oil ring will continuously send the surplus oil under the cylinder wall to the combustion chamber, playing the role of oil pump, resulting in burning engine oil. Precautions: properly install the engine piston ring, which has a chamfered end towards the combustion chamber.


4 . The engine starts frequently.When the engine turns off, the lubricating oil will flow back to the oil sump quickly. Therefore, frequent starting will make the surface of parts such as cylinder sleeve, piston, piston ring, etc. in the dry friction or semi-dry friction state, which will accelerate the wear and cause the burning of engine oil. Precautionary measures: the engine should be lubricated before starting, that is, first roll the crankshaft several turns, so that the surface of the moving side is pre-lubricated, and then start. Temporary stop within 15 minutes to allow idling.


5 . Engine idle for a long time.Because engine idling operation for a long time, the nozzle will be atomized, fuel and air mixing uneven, combustion incomplete, carbon accumulation, increased friction, resulting in combustion engine oil. Precaution: the engine is not allowed to operate at idle for a long period of time.


6. The accelerator is too big when the cultivator starts. In this way, too much oil will be supplied to the cylinder in advance, resulting in incomplete fuel combustion, carbon accumulation, aggravation of wear, resulting in burning oil. The correct action: start with the throttle slightly above idle, then slowly increase the throttle.


7. When the accelerator of the tillage machine is large or small. A sudden increase or reduction of the throttle will make the engine speed surge or drastic reduction, fuel and air mixing uneven, incomplete combustion, carbon accumulation, accelerated parts wear, resulting in burning oil. The correct operation is: according to the needs of the workload, slowly increase or reduce the throttle.


8 . Overfill the oil sump.Too high oil level will cause the oil to enter the combustion chamber when the engine speed increases. The method to check whether the filling oil is appropriate is: to a certain degree, the oil level should be checked with the oil drawing scale, and the normal height should be between the upper and lower scales. The higher the upper scale indicates that the oil level is overfilled, and the lower scale indicates that the oil level is too low.


9. The oil deteriorates after being used for a long time, and lacks viscosity. The relevant parts cannot be lubricated properly, but accelerate wear and form burning oil. The method to determine whether the oil has deteriorated: one drop of oil is put on the white filter paper to observe the changes. If there are more black particles (asphalt, metal chips, carbon particles, etc.) in the black mark, it indicates that the filter is not good and the oil has not deteriorated. If the black color of the oil droplets is light, surrounded by yellow embellish, indicating that can continue to use; If the oil drops are dark brown and the black stain is uniform and free of particles, it indicates that the oil has deteriorated seriously and should be replaced.


10 .  machine oil quality is inferior, too thin, can not play lubrication effect, form burning machine oil.The general method to identify the quality of machine oil is: dip a little of machine oil with the fingers, lightly twist a few times, there should be no drawing when the fingers are separated; Drive the oil, the oil should be a line flow, should not be broken or piece by piece down the phenomenon; The color of the oil in sunlight should be light yellow or reddish, with high transparency. Take a little oil and put it on white filter paper without impurity. Close the lighted match to the oil, the oil does not burn, indicating that the oil is not highly pure and cannot be used. The engine oil model is selected, which is suitable for no.11 diesel engine oil in winter and no.14 diesel engine oil in summer.


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