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Technical maintenance of agricultural machinery

Technical maintenance of agricultural machinery


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Technical maintenance is a regular technical maintenance work in the use process of agricultural machinery. Its purpose is to reduce mechanical wear and keep machinery in good condition to extend the service life of machinery.


The technical maintenance of agricultural machinery mainly includes the following contents:


1. Add clean fuel and lubricants.


2. Keep the cooling system in normal operation to avoid the occurrence of too high or too low temperature; Add clean soft water.


3. Timely check and adjust major institutions; Tighten the loose screws; Replace unqualified parts if necessary.


4. Prevent sand, dust and other objects from entering the friction surface of the machine, keep the good filtering performance of air, fuel, oil and other filtration devices, remove the dirt and debris adhering to the outside of the machine and reduce the factors of wear.


The above work content can be summarized as follows: systematic cleaning, inspection, adjustment, fastening, lubrication, addition, plugging and replacement of damaged parts for agricultural machinery on a regular basis.


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