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Teach you to troubleshoot the feed grinder

Teach you to troubleshoot the feed grinder


Author:Dekenag  Alice


City road presents a lot of green feeder damage machine, it can not only cut feed ivy, high stalks, but also damaged red tiaoxi, corn, is a rural commonly used machinery. The machine follows the delay of the use time, which usually presents the following faults: the machine is weak when damaged; Do not start; Owe heng electricity. Under ordinary circumstances, it can be repaired by itself.


First of all, check whether the power socket, plug and power cord have the places where oxygen comes off and breaks. If not, plug in the power testing machine. In this case, only new products are usually available. In addition, there is a situation where the power is not turned on, the external force can be turned on, but the motor produces a weak current noise, which is caused by the slight leakage of the starting capacitance. If the electric current sound Chinese New Year's eve, the motor root can not start, determined to start capacitance short circuit. In the case that there is no professional instrument, the capacitance can be taken off first, and the two leads can be inserted into the zero and front jack of municipal power to charge the capacitance, and then the two leads can be shorted and discharged. If there is a discharge spark and a loud "smack" sound, the capacitor can be used. If the spark and noise are weak, the capacity of the nominal capacitance has been reduced, either a new capacitance or a small capacitance can be added. If the capacitance has been damaged short circuit can not be used this method, and must be replaced with the same specification can be repaired.


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