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Teach you to identify tomato "grimace spots"

Teach you to identify tomato "grimace spots"


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Early spring is a high incidence season of tomato grey mould. The symptoms of gray mycosis of hard fruit-type tomato infection are direct infection from the skin of the fruit, forming a white, middle green, diameter of 3 ~ 8 mm, round grey-white water-stained fruit spots, commonly known as "grimace spots". It is an uncommon symptom of grey mould disease in domestic varieties.


In the process of visiting vegetable farmers, often farmer friends told me to take the fruit of this kind of grimace spot disease as the disease of ulcer disease prevention and cure. Now the hard fruit tomato is easy to confuse these two kinds of disease distinction statement: the same is infection fruit, do not fester, fruit surface does not have mould, just cause circular disease spot. Difference is nuts type of grey mould of the fruit is in the fruit in the plane of circular water damage caused by shape size, gray ring spot and canker disease spot fruit is fruit surface uplift white dot, each round spot there is a tiny beige cork in the middle of the bulge, known as the "bird eyespots", a few birds eyespots together form a convex shape, ward on surface of the fruit, a needle package of feeling like a mosquito bites.


The fruit of tomato grimace disease should be treated according to grey mould. In order to protect the greenhouses, it is necessary to cultivate them with high furrow mulch, under which small water can be irrigated. If possible, drip irrigation measures can be considered to save water and control humidity. Enhance ventilation and light transmission, especially in cloudy days, in addition to attention to heat preservation, but also to strictly control irrigation, prevent overdose. In the early spring, the morning air release is changed to a short time in the morning to release the moisture in the shed as early as possible. Because gray mildew disease is in flower period infection, need to be in first when tomato is blossoming to dip in flower period medicament to prevent, in general 1.5 ~ 2 kilograms dip in flower liquid to add 10 milliliter of zephyr when suspending agent or 3 grams and the half gram or 0.5 gram of hui you medicament undertakes spray flower, wipe handle or immerse flower. Then, the whole plant was sprayed for prevention, such as 50% wettable powder of 4,000x solution huiyou, 50% of 1,200x solution and ruishui dispersible granule, 50% of 600x solution limaicang wettable powder, 50% of 800x solution kexing wettable powder.


Fruit of tomato bird eye spot disease needs to be treated according to tomato canker disease. In early spring, ulcer disease in tomato plants often caused by the plant transmission tissue phloem and pulp lesions, the main stem on the formation of gray white to grayish-brown disease spots. When the stem is cut open, Browning within the stem and spreading up and down. At the later stage of the disease, the base of the stalk becomes thick, there are spots on the stem, hollow inside the stalk, and the spots fall or break. In wet conditions, the stem and petiole will overflow the bacteria pus, and in severe cases, the whole plant will die. The upper part of the plant is wilted and withered. Fruit infection occurs mostly in summer tomato, summer sowing rainy season, with spray-irrigation greenhouses and greenhouses, the fruit susceptible to disease


Prevention should be strictly controlled from farming operations such as high ridges, which are strictly prohibited from pruning under dew or wet conditions. Reagent control: in the initial stage, use 47 percent galeron wettable powder 800 times liquid or 77 percent killing wettable powder 500 times liquid or 27.12 percent copper noble suspension 800 times liquid spray or root irrigation. Treating soil with copper sulfate after spraying it with 1.5 to 2 kilograms of copper per mu can prevent ulcer disease and can also be prevented by using a bacterial spray or applying stem and wound.


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