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Teach you how to get out of the mistake area of agricultural machinery

Teach you how to get out of the mistake area of agricultural machinery


Author:Dekenag  Alice

Despising in thought,the agricultural transport vehicles with frequent accidents are simple in structure and slow in speed, and most of them are driven on the rural roads with few people and cars. Therefore, it is wrong to think that the agricultural transport vehicles do not need to be carefully maintained and operated, and they can be used with faults. Overspeed, overloading and overcrowding are common. However, due to its simple structure, its driving performance is not as sensitive, perfect and reliable as that of cars.

Do not wear in place,greatly reduced life of some agricultural machinists mistakenly thought that the grinding test run is unnecessary. As a result, a new car or an overhauled scooter is either unbreakable or just a few laps in a hurry. As a result, the engine parts wear faster, more failures, reduced efficiency, and may even be a disaster.

Lubrication is not on time,wear aggravates the lubrication of all parts of the locomotive cannot be conducted on time and according to the position, and some lubrication points that cannot immediately show failure are often ignored, which leads to a major problem over time. Serious mechanical accidents often occur when lubricating parts, such as oil sump and air filter, cannot fill oil on time.

Refueling regardless of the season, the fault increased some agricultural machinery hand regardless of winter and summer season all use the same brand of lubricants, so not only is not economical, even make the machinery cannot get effective lubrication. The author once encountered a farmer, his car is always difficult to start, after inspection, gas distribution, fuel systems are faultless, after the inquiry is winter difficult to start, spring and summer easy, hot car easy, cold car difficult. It turned out that he still used summer oil in winter, with high viscosity and resistance, so it was difficult to start the inlet pump valve.

Improper operation,some agricultural machinists like to use great power when operating the gear lever, and they are afraid of being unable to mount the gear. As a result, the machine parts are damaged, resulting in excessive and violent braking force and easy to damage the machine parts or brake failure. Clutch pedal did not tread to the bottom, the separation of easy to break the gear; Do not stop the throttle before braking; Use the brake with the hand brake.

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