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Storage, storage and maintenance of wheat combine harvester after summer harvest

Storage, storage and maintenance of wheat combine harvester after summer harvest


Author:Dekenag  Alice


After the summer harvest, the wheat combine will be stored in storage. It is very necessary to do well the maintenance work before storage to prevent the failure of parts due to rust, deformation and aging. The following ten points should be achieved:


1. After harvesting, keep the throttle idle for 5-10 minutes to remove the wheat straw, wheat grain and other sundries.


2. Thoroughly clean the wheat grass and grain inside and outside the machine, and keep the cutting table, conveyor, threshing drum, cleaning screen, repeater, elevator, granary and other parts clean.


3. Discharge the remaining diesel oil and clean the cooling water.


4. Use wooden blocks to pad the cutting table up to 10cm to prevent the cutting table from corroding in contact with the ground. At the same time, support the front and rear axle to prevent tire fatigue and damage due to long-term pressure.


5. Unload each hydraulic cylinder to prevent damage of hydraulic components under load for a long time.


6. Clean all belts, clean chains and sprocket wheels, and loosen all tensioning belt wheels and sprocket wheels, so that belt and chain are free to avoid fatigue damage caused by long-term stress.


7. Anti-rust treatment. According to the requirements of the manual, lubricate or lubricate the lubrication points, grease or spray paint the metal friction surface or paint off parts for rust prevention, such as: chain, sprocket, moving and fixed blade, blade holder, cutting table working face, winch working face, expansion bar, etc.


8. Remove the battery for separate storage and recharge once a month to extend its service life.


9. Remove the microcomputer multi-function alarm in the driving room to prevent the liquid crystal display from freezing in winter.


10. The storage room of machinery should be ventilated, fireproof and anti-theft.


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