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Spring agricultural machinery maintenance management

Spring agricultural machinery maintenance management

Author:Dekenag  Alice

In spring, the maintenance of agricultural machinery should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Clean up before use. Do well lubrication, adjustment, fastening, etc., so as to avoid loose and astringent bands between different parts caused by the idle farm machinery for a long time in winter, and ensure that the machines and tools are put into work in good technical and physical conditions.

2.  As the temperature rises in spring, the brittleness of metal parts of agricultural machinery is still strong. Lubricant must be used in the maintenance of the lubrication system in the operation of agricultural machinery according to the prescribed standard, and the thermal system and viscosity should be moderate. Attention should also be paid to the maintenance cycle and specification problems, which should be cleaned regularly and the filter parts should be replaced timely to reduce the wear of the machine parts.

3. Agricultural machinery operations end, should park in the wind warm house inside. If placed in the open air, the battery should be removed to prevent freezing by sudden cold weather.

4. Heat dissipation components shall take necessary heat preservation measures to avoid excessive engine cooling, reduce engine working pressure and reduce fuel consumption.