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Small farming machinery: operation and matters needing attention

Small farming machinery: operation and matters needing attention


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Some specific matters to pay attention to in actual production:


. Preparation before starting

1. Check engine oil. Add enough oil to make the oil level between the upper and lower scale.

2. Check transmission gear oil. If the oil level is too low, add gear oil to the lower edge of the filling hole.

3. Check the engine fuel. Insufficient fuel as specified in the fuel specification.

4. Check the clutch cable. Loose the lock nut and adjust the cable to the right position.

5. Check the throttle cable. If the cable is not in the right position, adjust the cable to the right position through the lock nut.

6. Check the tightness of the transmission belt. Improper tensioning by adjusting the tensioning wheel may adjust the transmission belt to proper tensioning.


.  starting

Most small tillage machines use hand-pull recoil starting, but some use rocker starting, such as "izs-20 two-wheel cultivator". Release the clutch before starting and put the gear lever in neutral. Turn on the ignition switch; Move the throttle to 1/2 to 1/3 position; Close the damper to a different degree according to different conditions (usually when the cold car starts, the damper is closed or left with a gap of about 3 mm, while the damper is closed about 1/2 when the hot car starts). Start slowly pull the starting line several times, and then pull the starting line quickly. Run at low speed for 2 to 5 minutes after starting. During this period, check the machine for abnormal sound, oil leakage, loose bolts and other abnormal phenomena. If abnormal phenomena are found, check and eliminate immediately.



1. Adjust the height or Angle of the hand to a comfortable position. The height or Angle of the handlebars of ordinary small farming machines can be easily adjusted by thread.

2. The mud bar is installed to the proper position of the connection frame.

3. Select gear shift.

4. Step up the throttle, slowly combine the clutch, and work the work part of the cultivator slowly into the soil by hand.

5. If you are working too fast and the soil does not crumble enough, press your hand down. If you can't move forward, move the handle up and left and right.


.  Remove from heat

1. Release the clutch.

2. Put the gear lever in neutral.

3. Turn down the throttle and operate at low speed for 4-5 minutes without load to gradually cool down the engine.

4. Turn off the ignition switch.

5. Close the throttle switch.


.  Matters needing attention

1. Oil for 4 stroke.

2. Remove large stones, branches, wires, glass and other foreign objects in the work area beforefarming.

3. Turn off the gasoline engine when you add gasoline and put it in a well-ventilated place.

4. Do not work long hours in enclosed sheds to avoid poisoning.

5. Don't in larger (st13 10 °) on the slopes of the work; If you are working on a slope, do not allow more than half of the oil in the tank to escape.

6. It is strictly forbidden to work under heavy load immediately after starting or to stop rapidly when running under high speed and heavy load, causing abnormal wear and damage to the body.


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