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Skill of maintenance and disassembly of farm machinery

Skill of maintenance and disassembly of farm machinery


Author:Dekenag  Alice


When the farm machinery is repaired, it is often disassembled and installed, but the type and brand of the farm machinery are many, and the structure is different. Therefore, when disassembly and installation, the procedures should be strictly followed.

1. According to the different structure of the farm machinery, the operation procedures should be considered in advance, so as to avoid reverse.

2. When disassembled, from the outside to the inside. Go from top to bottom.

3. Special tools should be used during operation. It is forbidden to use hammer to hit the parts directly.

4. To find out the direction of the parts, the precision parts should be operated carefully. The long shaft parts of the screw rod shall be lifted by rope and wrapped with cloth to prevent bending and damage.

5. The removed parts shall be placed in the wooden frame, wooden box or parts plate in order as required, and shall not be placed on the ground to prevent damage and rust.

6. The removed parts shall be arranged together as much as possible according to the original structure, such as shaft, gear, screw, gasket, positioning pin, etc.

7. Marks shall be made before disassembly of the complete set of machined or non-interchangeable parts, and shall be put through with rope to avoid confusion: for example, gear set, valve and valve seat, tubing joint, etc., and the parts on the valve shall be inserted in the original valve body.

8. For parts that can be used without repair, they should not be disassembled and disorderly, such as spline and gear, shaft and bearing, etc.