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Semi-automatic seed planter for rice greenhouse

Semi-automatic seed planter for rice greenhouse


Author:Dekenag  Alice


In the past two years, the number of rice planters has been increasing. In order to let farmers know and master the technical points of semi-automatic planter for rice planter, the following part explains the operation and technical points of semi-automatic planter for rice planter.


. Applicable conditions of sowing machine

Seedbed soil: the bed soil should be selected by using a sieve with 8 mm precision.

Rice seed: to remove litter, miscanthus and stem. The grain takes up the size of the space in the groove of the sowing wheel, which determines the number of seeds.

Seed moisture should be uniform, if not uniform, planting precision will be reduced.

Seed humidity determines seed viscosity, which is not conducive to the effective fall of the seed and affects the amount of sowing.

The seeds will sprout at the "chicken breast", the length of the buds should not be more than 3 mm, and the extension of the buds too long will make the seeds connect together, resulting in lower sowing precision.

Seedbed: watering the seedbed before sowing can effectively prevent seeds from jumping after landing and improve sowing quality.

Greenhouse: the width of the greenhouse is greater than or equal to 6.5 meters. The longitudinal center line and the edge of the greenhouse shall be laid with hardened materials (such as red quarries, concrete floor tiles, etc.). Supports on both sides of the greenhouse are not allowed to bend or bend.


. Installation and debugging of semi-automatic seed planter for rice greenhouse

1. The installation of power plug connects the power plug of the control regulator to the battery socket.

2. Installation and debugging of detection objects

First, fix one detection object on the right slide of the planter, about 490 mm away from the front end of the planter slide, and fix another detection object about 450 mm away from the left slide. Select the speed adjustment file of the sowing machine at the position of "150", start the switch and start the sowing machine to start sowing. At this time, pay attention to the size of sowing amount. Seeding speed should be controlled between 100 and 150. The seeder's seeding quantity is inversely proportional to its speed. After completing a reciprocating movement, adjust the lever lifting device according to the observed seeding amount according to the actual seeding amount. When the seeding amount needs to be increased, turn the baffle upward and turn the screw clockwise to increase the seeding amount. When the seeding quantity needs to be reduced, the baffle should be lowered and the counterclockwise rotation screw should be reduced. The amount of seeding per rotation of screw is about 5-7 g. After adjusting the seeding quantity, observe the difference between the seeding length of the planter and the actual seeding length, and adjust the detection object at the end of the slideway according to this distance. If necessary, the position of the detection object can be adjusted according to the method described above.


. Daily maintenance and maintenance

In order to increase the service life of sowing machine and ensure the precision of sowing machine, the majority of farmers need to do the following:

1. Before each work of the sowing machine, check whether the seed clearing knife is in the groove of the seeding wheel;

2. Check chain and sprocket timely, and fill lubricant regularly;

3. The battery of semi-automatic seeder shall be charged once every day during operation, and the charging time shall not be less than 8 hours; The battery should be charged once a month to improve the service life of the battery.

4. After the sowing period, do not put the sowing machine in the wet place, and ensure that the machine is dry and the storage temperature is greater than 5 degrees.

5. Prevent the machine from direct exposure to strong light and avoid aging of plastic parts.


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