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Rural household methane pipes common knowledge

Rural household methane pipes common knowledge


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Why some biogas pond gas pressure gauge water column is higher, but burning soon the fire quickly weakened, even flameout?


The position of the column of water in the barometer is a measure of the biogas pressure in the biogas tank, which does not fully indicate the amount of biogas in the tank. Some biogas tanks and water pressure rooms are not properly designed. When biogas is produced, the pressure in the tank fluctuates greatly. The water column on the pressure gauge rises rapidly, but the amount of biogas stored is not large. Therefore, when used, the biogas in the pond is rapidly reduced, the water column is quickly lowered, and the biogas available in the pond is used up before long.


Why is there negative pressure?


The negative pressure is caused by: first, the discharge is too fast, causing the pressure in the pool to drop suddenly. Second, the gas tank of the biogas pool is not leaky, but the fermentation or in and out of the material between the medium and lower leakage, resulting in negative pressure.


How do I check if the air is leaking?


Will connect unplug kitchen is provided at one end of the pipeline, the pipeline connect one end of the kitchen wall tightly with the hand, the biogas gas box export side tube to unplug, blowing into a pipeline inside, U type pressure gauge, the water column more than 30 cm quickly close the pool to the kitchen to provide piping between the switch and observe whether the pressure drop, pressure drop, not in 2 ~ 3 minutes, pipeline leakage, leakage conversely.


How should the gas pipeline be arranged?


(1) the length of the biogas pool before and in the pipeline should not exceed 30 meters;

(2) when the user has two biogas tanks, the biogas pipeline can be drawn separately from each biogas pond, parallel


For laying, the lead pipe of two biogas tanks can be connected to a total gas pipe and then connected to the room (the diameter of main pipe should be greater than that of branch pipe).


(3) in general, the yard pipe should be laid underground. In case of local difficulties in underground laying, it can be laid along the wall or overhead, but the height should not be less than 2.5 meters.


(4) the buried depth of underground pipeline should be less than 0.5m in the south and below the frozen soil in the north. All buried pipes should be inserted with hard casing (iron pipe, bamboo pipe, etc.) or brick trench to avoid bias of the delivery pipe;


(5) the pipe should be laid with slope, which is about 1% in general. When wiring, make the slope of the pipeline adapt to the terrain, and install the gas-water separator at the lowest point of the pipeline. If the terrain is relatively flat, the slope of the pipeline should be made to biogas pool;


(6) don't be too quick at the bend of the pipe. It should not be less than 120 degrees.


How big is the inside diameter of the gas pipe suitable?


The size of the inner diameter of the gas delivery pipe depends on the volume of the tank, the distance of gas consumption and the usage. For example, the biogas pond has a large volume and a large amount of gas, and the inner diameter of the gas delivery pipe should be larger if the distance of gas consumption is longer. The internal diameter of the biogas pool for general household use is 0.8 ~ 1 cm. When the pressure is less than the rated pressure of the cooker (lamp), the combustion effect is poor.