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Rototiller use and repair and maintenance techniques

Rototiller use and repair and maintenance techniques


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Rototiller is complete with the tractor the tillage, the rake work tillage machinery. It has been widely used for its strong ability of breaking soil and flat surface after tillage. Proper use and maintenance of rototiller is especially important to maintain its good technical condition and ensure the quality of farming.


1     Installation and use of rotary tiller


1. 1   installation


1. 1. 1. Installation of three-point suspended rototiller matched with wheeled tractor. First, cut off the power output shaft power, take off the output shaft cover, and hang the rotary tiller when reversing, then load the universal joint with square shaft into the rotary shaft of the rotary tiller, lift the rotary cutter shaft to see whether it is flexible, and then put the universal joint with square sleeve into the tractor power output shaft for fixation. It should be noted that the fork joint of the square shaft and the square shaft sleeve should be in the same plane. If it is not installed correctly, the universal joint will make a noise, the rotary tiller will vibrate more, and the parts can be damaged. After the universal joint is installed, the safety bolt shall be inserted into the groove on the spline shaft, and then locked with the split pin.


1. 1. 2. Installation of rototiller matching with walking tractor. Tilt the tractor forward, remove the traction frame, and fasten the rotary tiller to the gearbox with five studs. Note that the two positioning pins on the two joint surfaces should be positive to ensure that the assembled gears mesh properly. When installed, the gear inside the rotary tiller gearbox and the gear inside the gearbox top. Do not hard press hard knock, should be moved to the pulley, so that the gearbox rotation an Angle before installation. In addition, the thickness of the paper pad at the connection with the gearbox should be guaranteed to be 0. 45 ~ 0. 55 mm. Too thick or too thin will affect the meshing clearance of two meshing gears. When the rototiller is removed. Cover the transmission joint with the hood. Keep clutter out of the box.


1. 2   correct use


1. 2. 1. start.The power shall be connected under the lifting state, and the unit can start only when the rotary tiller reaches the preset speed. Should as far as possible low speed slow travel, such can assure to work quality already, make clod is broken finely, can reduce the wear of machine piece again. Pay attention to whether the rotary cultivator has noise or metal percussion sound, and observe the broken soil, deep farming situation. If there is any abnormality, the engine should be shut down immediately to ensure personal safety, and then check again. The operation can be continued only after troubleshooting.


1. 2. 2 turn.When turning on the ground, do not work, the rotary cultivator should be raised so that the blade leave the ground, and reduce the accelerator of the tractor, so as not to damage the blade. The tail wheel and the steering clutch should cooperate with each other and proceed slowly. Sharp turns are strictly forbidden to prevent damage to the relevant parts. When lifting rotary tiller, the inclined Angle of universal joint should be less than; Too large will produce impulse noise and cause premature wear and damage.


1. 2. 3. Reverse and transfer. The rotary tiller should be raised to the highest position and cut off power when reversing, ridging and transferring land. Avoid damage to the parts. If moving to a distance, use the locking device to secure the rotary tiller.


2      fault maintenance


2. 1.  The excessive load of rotary cultivator is caused by excessive deep tillage, soil viscosity and hardness. Elimination method: reduce the depth of tillage, reduce unit forward speed and speed of plow.


2.   2.   The pulsation of rotary tiller is caused by hard soil or incorrect blade mounting. Elimination method: reduce unit advance speed and plow blade speed, and install the blade correctly.


2.  3.  The reason for the undulation of the ground after rotary farming is that the advance speed of the unit and the rotation speed of the cutter shaft do not match properly. Rule out: adjust the speed between the two.


2.  4.  The main causes of metal percussion sound during working of rotary tiller are as follows: after the transmission chain is loose, it collides with the transmission box; The blade on both sides of the shaft of the plough, the left arm or the transmission box will collide with each other after being deformed. Blade set screw loose. Troubleshooting: adjust the tightness of the transmission chain, correct or replace the seriously deformed parts, and tighten the loose screws.


2.  5.   The noise in the gearbox of the plow blade is caused by foreign body falling from the installation, or the damaged bearing and gear teeth. Troubleshooting: try to remove foreign objects or replace bearings or gears.


2.  6.  The main reasons for the rotary tiller's intermittent throwing of large clods are: blade bending deformation, blade breaking, loss or serious wear. Elimination: correction or replacement of the blade.


2.  7.  The main reasons for not rotating the shaft of the rotary plow are as follows: the gear or bearing bites to death; Deformation of left arm or transmission box, bending deformation of plow shaft; The transmission chain is broken or the plow blade is wrapped with grass and mud. Troubleshooting: correct, repair or replace severely deformed or damaged parts, and remove the accumulated mud.


3     Scientific maintenance is more important than cure and maintenance is more important than repair. It is the principle that rotary tiller is used to maintain, rotary tiller's maintenance is divided into duty maintenance and quarterly maintenance.


3.  1.  In general, shift maintenance should be carried out after each shift, including: tighten connection bolts after routine check; The upper part of the upper part is the upper part of the upper part. Dot check the transmission box, universal joint and bearing for oil deficiency.


3.  2.  Quarterly maintenance shall be performed after each operation is completed in the second quarter. Replace lubricating oil and grease; Check the blade for excessive wear and replace it if necessary. It is necessary to restore the original shape or replace it when necessary. I thoroughly check the appearance of the machine and tools, add paint, oil on the scimitar, spline shaft anti-rust; When not in use for a long time, the rotary tiller for the wheeled tractor shall be placed on the horizontal ground, and shall not be hung on the tractor for a long time to avoid deformation of the connecting parts.


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