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Rotary cultivator plays an important role in tillage machinery

Rotary cultivator plays an important role in tillage machinery


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Rotary tiller related information:rotary tiller is a complete set of equipment for tractor operation, divided into two categories according to supporting power: walking tractor (hereinafter referred to as hand towing) supporting rotary tiller and wheeled tractor (hereinafter referred to as wheel towing) supporting rotary tiller. Compared with ploughing and raking, rotary tillage has the advantages of good soil breaking performance, wide adaptability and high efficiency. In my province, the vast territory, regardless of paddy field, dry field, rototiller's application is very common, in farming machinery occupies an important position.


. The choice of rototiller:the type of rototiller should be chosen according to local conditions, according to the tractor already owned and local natural conditions. When rotary cultivator of choose and buy, the user should check whether the product is checked qualified, reject "3 have no" product and the product that examine unqualified, lest be deceived. Carefully check the appearance quality of the product, such as whether the paint has come off or not, and whether the burrs have been removed. It is better to operate the empty machine for a few minutes if the sound is normal, if the bearing is overheating, and if the operation is flexible.


. Use of rotary cultivator:carefully read the product manual and safety signs on the machine and tools before use, and be aware of the potential dangers of the machine and tools. Carry out specific operations according to the key points of the manual to avoid safety accidents. Before each operation, check whether the drive box of the rotary tiller is fully lubricated, the bearing is fully greased, and the connecting bolts are fastened. If any abnormal sound is found during the operation, stop immediately to check and troubleshoot. When the supporting rotary tiller of the walking tractor sinks, it is strictly forbidden to stand in front of the machine to pull and lift the machine when the fire is not out. The machine should be put out when passing through a higher ridge.


. Maintenance of rotary tiller: prevention is more important than cure, and maintenance is more important than repair. Rototiller maintenance is divided into shift maintenance and quarterly maintenance. In general, after each shift operation, the shift maintenance should be carried out, including: 1. Check the tightening bolt;

2. Check whether there is any defect of the consumable parts such as bolt and opening pin, and replace them if necessary; 3. Check the transmission box, 10 bytes and bearing for oil deficiency and replace immediately if necessary. Quarterly maintenance shall be carried out after the quarterly completion of each operation, including: 1. Thoroughly remove dust and grease from the machine; 2. Replace the lubricating oil and grease thoroughly; 3. Check the blade for excessive wear and replace it if necessary; 4. Check the machine cover, drag plate and other deformation, restore its original shape or replace; 5. Fully check the appearance of the machine and tools, reapply paint, oil and rust on the scissor and spline shaft; 6. When not in use for a long time, rotary cultivator should be placed on the horizontal ground and should not be hung on the tractor.


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