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Repair of deformation of tractor front bridge

Repair of deformation of tractor front bridge


Author:Dekenag  Alice


1. Bending deformation of steering knuckle and support tube caused by collision. The positioning pin hole of the steering knuckle and support pipe can be welded and repaired. Weld the lower hole before, file the back, and file the hole round.


2. Due to loose wear of fixed screw, the pin hole appears ellipse. The face on the front axle is worn at the front, and the face on the bottom is worn at the back; The upper face of the steering knuckle shaft and support tube is the wear on the back, and the lower face is the wear on the front. Solder and repair the worn parts with file. If there is a groove in the pin shaft wear, solder or replace the new parts.


3. Install and restore after repair, make the front and rear wheelbase of both sides equal.


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