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Reasonable adjustment and use of agricultural machinery can save oil

Reasonable adjustment and use of agricultural machinery can save oil

Author:Dekenag   Alice

Reasonable adjustment of agricultural machinery to save oil:

1. Inlet adjust valve clearance. Adjust the inlet and exhaust doors before and after the stopping point of the exhaust stroke to ensure normal air distribution by reducing valve clearance.

2. Adjust the oil supply advance Angle. The best diesel engine fuel supply advance Angle adjustment should make appropriate adjustment along with the change of environment, fuel delivery advance Angle directly affect the power and fuel consumption of diesel engine, such as fuel delivery advance Angle of SI95 oil machine generally should be controlled in 16 ° ~ 20 °.

3 .Adjust the injection pressure of the injector. The injection pressure of type 195 diesel injector is (120 + / 5) kg/c. According to tests, fuel consumption increases when the injection pressure is less than 100kg/cm2. To maintain the normal injection pressure of the injector, the driver should test and adjust the injector regularly.

Reasonable use of fuel economy:

1. Have regular maintenance air filter, diesel filter, oil filter.

2. The oil will be changed as scheduled.

3. Don't stop at the appointed time.

4. In order to increase the width of the work of the farm tools, the work of the farm tools can be done in parallel.

5. To choose the appropriate gear and throttle operation, light load should be as high as possible to use the throttle