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Preparation work before operation of paddy field cultivator

Preparation work before operation of paddy field cultivator


Author:Dekenag  Alice


The paddy field complete planter (product store) should be assembled before use. After assembly, the whole machine must be checked.


①The fastening degree shall be checked for the fastening where the bolts or the parts are connected with the bolt or bolt. If it is found that the bolts at the connection points of engine frame, belt wheel, driving wheel bogie, rear support plate, traction frame and gear box, lifting rod sleeve and lifting shaft are loose, they should be tightened. Where the pin shaft is used, it shall be reliable to connect, and the pin shall not be omitted in case of loose. All mobile parts, before each class should drip depression appropriate oil, so that it can move freely.


②Check engine oil, fuel and gearbox oil before starting up. The oil of the gearbox shall be added to the lowest bolt hole of the front window of the gearbox, subject to oil spill (flow).


③On every new machine purchased or overhauled, the machines are to be ground in (ie, tested). Because the moving parts of the cultivator (such as the gears of the gearbox), although the surface of the plowing machine has been processed precisely, there are still machining marks, and there are micro-concavoconvex and concavoconvex: flat. If the work is fully loaded at the beginning, it will make the moving parts wear or damage quickly and greatly reduce their service life. Therefore, before use, it must pass the mill test run. The purpose of this method is to improve the speed slowly and gradually increase the load, so that the micro bump on the surface of moving debris can be gradually ground and smoothed, and the lubricating strip can be cleaned to extend the service life of the machine. The running-in method can be carried out simultaneously with the running-in of the diesel engine. When the grinding is finished, the old oil in the gear box (which can be handled by the container) should be released and replaced with new oil or treated oil before the operation.


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