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Precautions for using rotary tiller

Precautions for using rotary tiller

Author:Dekenag  Alice


The working feature of rotary cultivator is that the working parts rotate at high speed and almost all safety problems are related to this. Therefore, the following points should be noted when using rotary cultivator.

(1) check the components before use, especially check whether the rotary cultivator is installed with reverse and fixed bolts and universal joint locking pin are firm.


(2) pull the lever of the rotary tiller clutch to the separation position before the tractor starts.


(3) the unit cannot start until the rotary tiller reaches the preset speed in the lifting state until the rotary tiller has reached the preset speed, and the rotary tiller is slowly lowered to the soil. It is strictly prohibited to start directly under the condition of the rotary cultivator entering soil to prevent damage of the rotary blade and related parts. It is strictly prohibited to reverse and turn the rotary cultivator after it enters the soil.


(4) when the ground turns without power cutting, the rotary tiller shall not raise too high the transmission Angle of both ends of the universal joint shall not exceed 30 degrees and the engine speed shall be appropriately reduced. The power of rotary cultivator should be cut off and raised to the highest position before locking when moving the plot or long-distance walking.


(5) during operation, no one is allowed to approach the rotary part behind the rotary tiller in case the blade is thrown.


(6) power must be cut off before checking rotary cultivator. When replacing rotating parts such as blades, the tractor must be extinguished.


(7) the speed of advance in tillage, 2~3km/h, is suitable for dry land and 5~7km/h is suitable for paddy land. Remember not to go too fast to prevent damage to the power output shaft.


(8) when the rotary tiller is working, the tractor wheels should walk on the uncultivated land so as to avoid compacting the cultivated land. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the tread of the tractor wheel so that its wheels are located within the working amplitude of the rotary tiller. When working, attention should be paid to the way of walking to prevent the other wheel of the tractor from compacting the cultivated land.


(9) in case of excessive winding of the cutter shaft, the machine should be stopped and cleaned in time to avoid loading the machine.


(10) the tractor and the suspension part are not allowed to take passengers in case they are hurt by the rotary cultivator carelessly.


(11) the rotary tiller can only be hung when the auxiliary gear lever is in a "slow" position when the rotary tiller is used on the tractor unit. If you need to reverse at work, you must put the secondary gear lever in the neutral place to hang the reverse gear. Try not to use the steering clutch in the rotary cultivator. When turning on the floor, you should first reduce the accelerator to hold the handrail and then pinch the clutch to avoid making a dead turn to prevent damage to parts.


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