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Precautions for tractor operation in summer

Precautions for tractor operation in summer

Author:Dekenag  Alice


Due to the high temperature in summer, the tractor often suffers from a variety of faults during operation. If the driver can pay attention to the following points during operation, the fault can be effectively reduced.


Temperature and explosion protected tyre.High temperature in summer, tire rubber aging, serious tire blowout phenomenon. Therefore, the tractor should check the tire pressure at any time when driving, and find that the tire is overheated and the air pressure is too high. It should stop the car in a cool place to cool down, but it should not be splashed with water, otherwise it will cause a flat tire on the way.


Cool the air.Due to high temperature in summer, the engine is difficult to dissipate heat due to high rotating speed, so it is easy to cause air resistance, which makes it difficult to start the engine after stopping for a few minutes. In case of gas resistance, the driver should stop the vehicle immediately to cool down and troubleshoot the fault.


Always observe water temperature gauge to prevent water shortage. In hot weather, always check the cooling water and the water temperature table. In case of water shortage, do not open the radiator cover immediately to prevent burns.


Oil is anti - spoilage. The lubricating oil is easy to be heated and dilute, resulting in poor oxidation resistance, easy to deteriorate, and even resulting in fault such as burning tile shaft. Therefore, the crankcase and gear case should be replaced with summer lubricating oil, always check the quantity and quality of lubricating oil, and replace them in time.


Clean engine oil on time.If the oil outside of the engine is too thick, it will affect the heat dissipation, which will lay a hidden danger for various parts to fail. The engine parts can be cleaned with a high-voltage spray method and a cleaning agent that does not corrode the body parts.


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