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Points for attention to assembly of agricultural machinery parts

Points for attention to assembly of agricultural machinery parts


Author:Dekenag  Alice


In the maintenance of farm machinery, some parts are not restricted by the structure. If they are assembled carelessly, they will be put into reverse, leaving a hidden trouble for the farm machinery. Therefore, attention must be paid to the assembly.


Cylinder pad.If there are oil holes, they must be aligned with the corresponding oil channel holes on the engine body and cylinder head, so as to avoid friction caused by oil breakage of the valve mechanism on cylinder head. There is no oil channel hole and both positive and negative shapes are the same, which is determined by the material of the cylinder head: for the aluminum cylinder head, the cylinder head should be rolled side towards the cylinder body; For the cast iron cylinder cover, the cylinder cover should be rolled side towards the cylinder cover.


Pistons and piston rings. Pistons marked with upward arrow at the top shall be installed in the direction indicated by the mark. If there is no mark, the swirl pit on the top of the piston or small notch next to the pit should be pointed towards the side of the injector to ensure the gas is evenly mixed. When assembling piston ring, the top shall be marked with "UP", "UP", etc. The top of the unmarked torsion ring, its inner circle cut groove or chamfer should be downward; Chromium-plated ring (shiny outer shell) should be installed in the first piston ring groove, each ring opening should be staggered 120 ~ 180 degrees to ensure its sealing effect.


Link and cover. The connecting rod of horizontal diesel engine is divided by 45 degrees. The profile should be downward to improve the stress of connecting rod bolts. The connecting rod cover and connecting rod are matched and machined, and the matching mark should be on the same side when assembling, so as to ensure that the roundness and cylindrical degree of the connecting rod bearing meet the specified requirements.


Main bearing cover, bush or bush. Both the main bearing cover and the body bearing seat are processed by paired boring, and they should be seated according to the matching mark, and the assembly direction shall not be arbitrarily changed or changed, so as not to damage the coaxiality and dimensional accuracy of the main bearing seat bore. The bearing bush or bushing with oil holes shall be aligned with the corresponding oil channel holes on the bearing seat and bushing holes to ensure smooth oil passage.


Cylinder cover bolts. If one end of bolt is rough thread and the other end is fine thread, screw the end of rough thread into the body; If the two ends of the bolts are fine teeth, the shorter end should be screwed into the body to ensure that the cylinder cover is compacted.


Oil pump and fuel pump.If the oil adopts the planetary rotor type, the outer rotor should be chamfered toward the pump body to avoid oil circulation in the pump and reduce the pump oil pressure. The crescent positioning groove on the nozzle shaft sleeve should be aligned with the positioning hole on the pump body, and the mark (or return oil groove) on the plunger should be installed upward, so as not to cause no oil supply or diesel engine "flying".


Transmission shaft and transmission chain.Transmission forks at both ends of the transmission shaft should be in the same plane to avoid torsional vibration and damage of transmission components. The drive chain adopts spring clip, its open end should be opposite to the movement direction of the chain, so as not to fall off the imported pump castel red wine.


The driving wheel. The driving wheel marked with an upward arrow should point to the direction of rotation of the tire when going forward; Unmarked, from the rear of the locomotive looking at the drive wheel, its "eight" glyph or "person" glyph pattern of the top should face up.


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