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Notes for use of farm machinery in summer

Notes for use of farm machinery in summer


Author:Dekenag  Alice


In order to ensure correct driving and safe operation, reduce the occurrence of various accidents and extend the service life of machines and tools, the following items should be noted for the use of agricultural machinery in summer:


1. Avoid excessive engine temperature.Most of the situation is the water tank is short of water, at this time can not immediately add cooling water, will cause the cylinder head or cylinder body burst, scald personnel. The right thing to do is to stop operation, low speed, water temperature to around 70 °C, then slowly add clean water.


2. Take care to prevent the excessive scale of the engine water tank.The excessive scale in the water jacket of the engine will reduce the heat dissipation efficiency by 30%-40%, which will easily cause the engine to overheat and reduce power. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the scale regularly to maintain good cooling performance.


3. Pay attention to prevent the gas resistance of the fuel system.Once the fuel gas resistance, should immediately stop cooling, and pull the oil pump to remove air, so that the oil road filled with fuel.


4. Pay attention to the oil used.The viscosity of lubricant varies with the temperature, and decreases when the temperature increases. Use ECA-30 or ECA-40 in the summer.


5. Pay attention to prevent loose tape.Working under high temperature, the tension of the tape decreases, resulting in slipping of the tape, lower transmission efficiency and easy damage of the tape. Therefore, the tension of the motor tape is slightly higher than the standard value in the summer.


6. Pay attention to prevent fire.Always check the fastening of the wiring and fuel pipe connectors to prevent fire caused by poor contact or leakage of fuel pipe.


7. Pay attention to avoid high tire pressure. Rising temperature, air volume of thermal expansion, easy to cause tire burst. In summer, tire inflation should be 5-7% lower than in winter, and no higher than standard air pressure is allowed.


8. Pay attention to prevent the gas resistance of oil brake pipeline.High temperature summer, oil brake pipeline is easy to produce gas resistance, which seriously affects the braking effect. Therefore, in use, one should ensure sufficient brake oil, two should prevent pipeline leakage, and three should timely discharge air when air resistance occurs.


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