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Notes for maintenance of 2BFD - 2SC peanut film planter

Notes for maintenance of 2BFD - 2SC peanut film planter


Author:Dekenag  Alice


2 sc type peanut planter seeding spaced evenly, laminating, depth of precoated specification, soil pressure heads, have heat preservation, water and the effect of production, income, which the function is all ready, from sowing, fertilizing, spraying and coating line to build the same soil greatly reduce the physical labor intensity of farmers, improve the production efficiency, promote quickly in recent years, has become the good assistant of the broad masses of farmers friend. When using, hope farmer friend master the following maintenance matters.


1. Carefully check the fasteners before operation, and make sure they are firmly connected.


2. Before operation, lubricate the rotating parts.


3. Clean the dirt and other debris on the machine and tools after each shift.


4. After each season of operation, check the bearings and chains of all operating parts to see if they need to be replaced or adjusted.


5. After each season of operation, the fertilizer box, feeder and fertilizer pipe of the fertilizing machine should be rinsed with water in time to avoid corrosion of the machine; The impurities in the barrel should also be rinsed and dried.


6. After each season, the peanut seeds in the planter should be cleaned to prevent the quality of next year's sowing.


7. The machine and tools should be stored in a place of ventilation and shade, and shall not be parked in the open air.


8. When storing the equipment, it is best to pad the rack so that the driving roller, soil shovel and so on leave the ground.


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