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Misconceptions on the use of tractors

Misconceptions on the use of tractors


Author:Dekenag  Alice


In recent years, with the implementation of the national agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, rural tractors have developed rapidly. However, many operators lack the correct understanding of the tractors, resulting in more locomotive failures, higher repair costs. These "misconceptions" mainly include the following aspects:


One is cognitive disrespect and frequent accidents. Some technicians mistakenly think that the tractor is simple in structure and slow in speed, and most of them drive on the country roads with few people and cars. Therefore, they think that the tractor does not need to be carefully maintained and operated, and that there are defects. However, due to its simple structure, its driving performance is not as sensitive, perfect and reliable as a car. Therefore, neglect is the root cause of the frequent accident of tractor safety.


The secondis that the wear is not in place, greatly reduced life. Some people mistakenly think that the run-in test run is unnecessary. If you buy a new car or an overhauled engine, you either don't wear it, or you rush to the job after a few laps. As a result, the wear and tear of the machine parts is accelerated, the failure increases, the benefit decreases, and even causes serious trouble.


Third,lubrication is not on time, wear aggravation. The lubrication of each part of the locomotive could not be done on time and according to the position, and some lubrication points that could not immediately show failure were often ignored, which led to a major problem over time. Serious mechanical accidents often occur when lubricating parts, such as oil sump and air filter, fail to fill oil on time.


Fourth,it is better to waste than to gain. Some drivers save money by having to make do with faulty or substandard parts. If somebody adds waste oil to hydraulic system afresh again, result cause hydraulic pressure to work to be out of order to wait for a fault, gain actually not worth to lose.


Fiveis refueling season, more trouble. Some hand regardless of winter and summer use the same brand of lubricants, so not only is not economical, even make the machine cannot get effective lubrication. It is always difficult to start the tractor with a driver. After inspection, the air distribution, fuel and other systems are faultless. The latter inquiry is difficult to start in winter, easy in spring and summer, easy in hot car, difficult in cold car. The problem is clear, winter still USES summer oil, viscosity is big, drag is big, so difficult start.


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