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Measures for disease and insect control of summer and autumn grapes

Measures for disease and insect control of summer and autumn grapes


Author:Dekenag  Alice


The summer and autumn season is the period of grape fruit expansion and maturity. Due to the increase of temperature and rainfall, grape diseases and insect pests also increase, often causing great economic losses, and the severely damaged orchards reached more than 60%. According to the management situation in recent years, we summarize the following prevention measures for reference.


Grape anthrax. It is one of the main diseases that endanger the fruit in the mature period of grape. The control agent used 68% bacteria rust enemy wettable powder 1000--1200 times, 78% cobo wettable powder 600--800 times, 80% anthrax fumei wettable powder 600 times, even spray 2--3 times. If the bacteria rust enemy 3000 times with 1:0. 7:20 times the amount of bordeaux mixture, with sterilization, protection double, better protection.


Grape downy mildew. Most patients in the luxi region begin to develop from late June to early July, with the peak period from August to October. In combination with other disease prevention and treatment, spray the first drug at an interval of 10 to 15 days and three to five times. The disease can be controlled. Control agent: 80% tetrazolium wettable powder 2000--2500 times liquid (produced by xiayi fruit tree in henan province), 58% rhizopus 600--800 times liquid, 40% esp aluminum 400--500 times liquid or 1:0. 7:20 times bordeaux mixture.


White rot of grapes.Grape white rot, also known as fruit rot or rotten ear disease, mainly damage fruit grain, ear, cob, vine and leaf. The disease started in the middle and late June in the luxi region. The fruit expanded and turned to color, and its peak period was early July. Medication control: spray once every 7 to 10 days, 3 to 5 times in a row. In case of rain within 12 hours after medication, respray should be applied. The better reagents are: 80% tetrozole ultramicable wet powder (produced by xiayi fruit tree in henan province)2000 times of solution, 75% chlorfenazol wet powder 500-600 times of solution, 50% methytopenazine wet powder 600-800 times of solution, 1:0. 7:20 times bordeaux mixture, etc.


Grape variegated cicada.In the luxi area, nymphs hatch in mid-may and late may, mostly yellow and white. The first generation adult appeared in June, the second generation adult occurred most in July and early August, and the third generation adult occurred most in September and October. Adults and nymphs gather on the back of a grape leaf to suck juice. Affected leaves turn green and yellow, and become pale or scorched in serious cases. It seriously affects yield, quality, ripening and flower bud differentiation. Potion control: the first generation of nymph is the key to the control of potion, and it can be combined with the control of other insect pests. Spray 40% oxytropate 1500--2000 times liquid, 50% dichlorvos 800--1000 times liquid, 90% trichlorella 1200 times liquid can receive good insect control effect.


Ear rot in grapes. Mainly damage fruit, fruit stem, cob and leaf. The disease occurs more frequently after fruit coloring. Pharmaceutical prevention and treatment: spray 75% chlorothalonil wet powder 500-600 times before flowering, and spray 68% fungus rust moist powder 3,000 times (produced by haanyi fruit tree in henan province)+ 1:0. 7:20 times bordeaux mixture, 10 to 15 days, 3 to 5 times, or use 50% tuzet 500--800 times, 78% cobb wettable powder 600--800 times. Spray when should fruit grain, fruit ear even medicine.


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