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Matters needing attention when using mower

Matters needing attention when using mower


Author:Dekenag  Alice


1. Be familiar with the operation process, read the instructions of the mower carefully, and know to shut down the engine in an emergency.


2. Check each part carefully before use to ensure that the blade of the mower is firmly connected with the mower. Replace the old and damaged blades or screws in sets to avoid unsteady operation of the machine. Damaged blades and screws can be dangerous.


3. Only add fuel outside and before starting the engine. Don't smoke when you refuel the engine. Do not lift the cap or refuel while the engine is running or the temperature is high. If the fuel spills, do not start the engine, but put the mower away from the oil until the fuel is gone, in case of a fire.


4. Do not artificially adjust the governor to make the engine speed too high. Overspeed is dangerous and shortens the life of the mower.


5. Push the lawn mower forward slowly while working, not too fast.

When cutting grass on a slope, don't keep it high or low. Be careful when turning on a slope. Don't cut the grass on a steep slope.


6. Do not use a mower with a grass collecting box if it is not installed.


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