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Matters needing attention when using harvester

Matters needing attention when using harvester


Author:Dekenag  Alice


1. Check the working plots before harvesting, and be familiar with the plots.


2. Select the walking route of the unit, and determine the harvesting plan according to the topography of crops.


3. Clear obstacles in the field and clearly mark them if necessary.


4. With the tractor-type combine harvester, the cutting edge should be cut out in advance, and the grain outlet should be cut out in the long plot.


5. Before starting the engine, engaging the clutch and running, a signal must be sent to ensure the machine and personal safety.


6. The driver shall pay attention to check the working conditions and working quality of each part when working, and timely solve any problems found.


7. The relevant components and driving speed should be adjusted at any time according to crop conditions, weather changes and harvesting time to ensure the quality of operation.


8. When harvesting begins on each plot, work at low speed for inspection and observation, and then gradually speed up.


9. Do not touch all running parts by hand during normal operation. All adjustment and maintenance should be carried out after the engine is shut down.


10. It is forbidden to work in the cutting platform before putting reliable supports.


11. Check the reliability of steering and braking mechanism frequently.


12. It is prohibited to use harvester to tow other machines and tools.


13. When the work stops, put the speed change in the neutral position in time, and separate the clutch or shut down the engine.


14. The dust, glume shells, wheat stalks, stalks and other attachments left in each part of the machine shall be cleaned before daily work, especially the concave board, shaking board surface, and the upper and lower screen of the cleaning room shall be cleaned.


15. Check whether the cutter is damaged or not and all parts are fixed. In particular, check the fixed bolts and connecting bolts of the tool head transmission mechanism.


16. Check the fixation condition of the part on the driving wheel.


17. Check the tensioning degree of inclined feeding chamber chain harrow. The middle part should be lifted by hand 20-30 mm.


18. Check the fixation condition of drum groove plate and bearing seat.


19. Check the fixation condition of the mandrel bush and crankshaft bearing seat of the mandrel.


20. Check the eccentric sleeve bearing seat of the drive cleaning chamber and the fixed condition of the hanger rod bearing seat of the cleaning chamber.


21. Check the fixation of upper and lower sieves on the screen frame.


22. Check the tensioning of each transmission chain and belt and the fixation of each shaft.


23. Check the sealing conditions of the vibrating plate front end, screen box front end, food and miscellaneous auger shell.


24. Check the oil level and joint of the oil tank of the hydraulic system, and repair the oil spill in time.


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