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Matters needing attention for use and maintenance of small seeder

Matters needing attention for use and maintenance of small seeder


Author:Dekenag  Alice


At present, the number of small farm planter is almost equal to that of small farm tractor. Before spring sowing every year, it is the period when the sales volume of small farm planter accessories is the largest. The purchase of these accessories increases the economic burden for the farmers. If the farmers pay attention to the maintenance and proper use of the agricultural machinery and tools, the service life of vulnerable parts can be appropriately extended and the damage of durable parts can be avoided. The following about the use and maintenance of small farm planter matters needing attention.


1. Firstly,starting from the early scrapping of the vulnerable parts, which, as the name implies, are easy to be worn and scrapped. At present, the vulnerable parts are mainly made of nylon, cast iron, die-cast aluminum and steel, and most of these parts are distributed on the seeder. The seed planter is the heart part of the planter, and the cost is higher. Wear is nothing more than abrasive wear. Therefore, to prevent premature scrapping, we should mainly pay attention to the cleanliness of seeds. That is to say, the better the cleanliness of seeds, the more difficult they are to be scrapped early, the longer their service life and the saving of funds. Therefore, seeds should be guaranteed free of sand, debris and large dust before being added to the seed box.


2. Second, durable parts such as frame, composting box, sports accessories, etc. The damage of the frame is due to the deformation of the frame, which is caused by accidental bending or torsion, or the overload caused by adding too many seed or fertilizer bags to the machine. In the process of use, we should try our best to avoid the occurrence of man-made accidents and the appearance of overload on the machine. The waste of the discharge box is mainly due to the excessive humidity of fertilizer during use, unsmoothness of discharge, deformation and cracking of external forces, some of which cannot be cleaned in time after use and corroded as useless, so it should be cleaned in time after use and dried to prevent rust and rain. Each sport should pay attention to correct maintenance. Specific attention should be paid to maintenance before use, maintenance during use, cleaning after use, corrosion prevention several links.


3. Third,when using, the structure of the planter should be understood, and only on this basis can it be properly maintained. To ensure the quality and quantity of operation, to achieve the long service life of the planter, to achieve higher economic benefits. Inlet pump valve

From the above aspects, it is not difficult to achieve the above points, as long as you pay more attention to these aspects in use and after use, you can achieve the intended purpose.


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