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Matters needing attention for safe operation of rape trencher

Matters needing attention for safe operation of rape trencher


Author:Dekenag  Alice


At present, the mechanized planting of rapeseed that is ditching machine extension development very piece. However, due to the lack of technical knowledge of safe operation of rapeseed trencher, mechanical accidents and personal injury accidents often occur. To ensure safety, operators should pay attention to the following matters:


First,the operator should consciously participate in the local agricultural machinery department held by the rape ditching machine technology training course. Carefully learn the construction, working principle, maintenance, troubleshooting and safe operation of the trenching machine, and master the key technologies of safe operation of the trenching machine.


Second,before operating in the field, the operator to hand tractors and trench machines for a comprehensive inspection and maintenance. Keep it in good technical condition and put it into rape planting and trench operation.


Third,before starting the engine, the disengaging handle of the trenching machine should be placed on the disengaging position, and then driven into the field. The disengaging handle should be placed on the joint position to adjust the depth of the ditching.


Fourthly,when turning at the corner of the field head, slow down ahead of time, and put the clutch handle of the trenching machine on the position of separation, and pinch the tractor steering handle to make the turn. Do "one look, two slow, three turns".


Fifth,when the equipment transfer, to cut off the rotary power of the trenching machine. Put the parting handle on the separating position. At the same time, the walking speed should be reduced. If the ridge height is encountered in the transfer, the low ridge should be dug and filled, and then pass through at low speed.


Sixis in the work, in order to prevent the ditching machine work when the soil splashes, injures the machine hand eye, the machine hand had better wear the protective glasses.


Seventhly,when inspecting, adjusting and maintaining the tractor and the trenching machine, the engine should be shut down to avoid accidents.


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