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Matters needing attention for rotary tiller operation

Matters needing attention for rotary tiller operation


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Rototiller is relatively popular in rural areas. The following points should be noted when operating rototiller:

First, check the components before use, especially check whether the rotary cultivator is installed in reverse and fixed bolts and universal joint lock pin are firm, and after confirmation, it can be used. When checking the rotary cultivator, the power must be cut off first. When replacing rotating parts such as blades, the tractor must be extinguished.

Second, before the start of the tractor, should be the rotary tiller clutch handle to the separation position. The power should be connected in the lifting state. After the rotary tiller reaches the preset speed, the unit can start, and the rotary tiller is slowly lowered to make the rotary tiller enter the soil. It is strictly forbidden to start directly when the rotary cultivator is in the soil to prevent damage of the rotary cultivator and related parts. Quick down rotary tiller is strictly prohibited, the rotary tiller is strictly prohibited to reverse and turn after entering the soil.

Third, when the power is not cut off at the end of the ground turn, the rotary tiller shall not lift too high, and the transmission Angle at both ends of the universal joint shall not exceed 30 degrees, and at the same time, the engine speed shall be appropriately reduced. The power of rotary cultivator should be cut off when moving the plot or travelling long distance, and then locked up after rising to the highest position.

Fourth, when the rotary tiller is running, people are strictly forbidden to approach the rotating parts, and there is no one behind the rotary tiller to prevent the blade from throwing injuries.

Fifth, in the operation, such as excessive blade winding grass should be stopped in time to clean, so as not to increase the machine load. In rotary plowing, the tractor and suspension part are not allowed to take passengers, in case of accidental damage by rotary cultivator.