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Maintenance techniques for biogas tanks

Maintenance techniques for biogas tanks


Author:Dekenag  Alice


(1) crack treatment

Cut the crack into the "V" shape, sweep it with pure water and mud, and fill the "V" shape groove with 1:1 cement mortar, compaction and wiping. After the cement mortar has been solidified for 12h, brush it with pure water slurry for 3-4 times.

(2) treatment of warping or peeling of the plaster layer

Remove it, rinse it, press the operation procedure again, layer on the ash, thin wipe the pressure, brush the pure water mud.

(3) air leakage treatment at the junction of airway and concrete

Cut the surrounding part of the airway, pull out the airway, and refill the cement mortar or fine stone concrete with high marks, locally thickened to ensure the airway is fixed, and then apply a layer of 1:1 cement mortar and whitewashed pure cement slurry.

(4) treatment of pool sinking and pulling

After excavating the open part to a certain width and depth of the groove, fill in 200 fine stone concrete, plaster and brush pure water slurry after 24 hours of solidification.

(5) treatment of water seepage

Groundwater infiltration in the pool, water instead of water glass and cement plug hole, in jams, faster, and try to complete within a few seconds, if ooze water hole large flow, and high water pressure, with 5 cm long, 1 cm inner diameter of the soft plastic plug to water penetration, around with 1:1 sand and sodium silicate cement block, and then plug the plastic pipe mouth, add a layer of 1:1 water mud covered.

(6) treatment of air leakage places is not obvious

Rinse the storage area of the fermentation room first, and then brush with pure water mud for 3 times.

(7) treatment of leakage in the middle part of feed pipe

According to the diameter of the feeding pipe, insert a piece of plastic pipe with a diameter of 2cm smaller than it. After confirming that the gap between the two pipes is even, fill the pipe with 1:2 cement mortar and gently pat the thin pipe to enrich the cement mortar, and add some cement mortar at both ends of the pipe to compress and polish.

(8) overall treatment of biogas pool

After the treatment of the above points, in order to promote the anastomosis of the new and old intersections and prevent the cement from corroding by the feed liquid, and further improve the air tightness, the overall treatment of the biogas pool is required. Use namely biogas special sealant, mix cement sweep brush biogas pool one time, usage and dosage are as indicated on coating, then the air tightness test of biogas pool again, test eligible can be used.