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Maintenance harvesters, do not forget small accessories

Maintenance harvesters, do not forget small accessories


Author:Dekenag  Alice


The tensioning. Wheel is used to adjust the tightness of the triangle belt, which plays a great role in the effect of harvester. The tension wheel is worn seriously in operation, and most of it is attached to the outside of the fuselage. Accordingly, daily besides maintain clean, should add good quality lubricants to center point everyday, recreational season should whole dish wipe oil.


The chain.As there is a lot of dust in the work of the chain, it is easy to be covered with oil mud, affecting the transmission, should be cleaned regularly, can be cleaned in gasoline first, and then soaked in oil for about 30 minutes, fishing out drips before use. At the end of each season, the chain should be unloaded and boiled in oil. The yellow oil should be wrapped and put in the dry place. The sprocket should be cleaned with gasoline or diesel and the butter should be antirust. When the chain is installed, the chain should be wrapped around the sprocket first, and then through the chain pin. When the chain is inserted, it should be put inside and out, so as to install the connecting plate and lock from outside, and there should be some room for movement. When disassembled, the hammer can be used to gently rotate the two joint pins on the same joint board, pull out the pin and remove the chain. If the chain pin has been rivet coarse, file before disassembly.


Triangle.Once the triangle belt is stained with butter, motor oil and other dirty oil, it is easy to slip and damage the triangle belt. Should use gasoline to clean in time, when urgent use cannot find gasoline again, also can use the cleaner such as caustic water to clean, must not take oily job. After the end of each season operation, when the harvester is maintained, the triangular belt should be removed and hung in the ventilated dry place, or the tensioning wheel should be loosened to make the belt loose. When installing, when two wheels are about 1 meter apart from each other, press the middle of the triangular belt with finger, and it is advisable for the belt to drop vertically by 10-20 mm. Always check the tension of the triangle belt and adjust it at any time. Old and new v-belts cannot be used at the same time.


Bearing. In daily maintenance of bearings, lubrication oil shall be added as required. Seal holes at both ends with grease filling. When loading and unloading again, the bearing shall not be hard hit, and special attention shall be paid to the outer ring of the bearing, and the inner ring of the bearing shall be lightly beaten.


Tire. Tires should be kept at a constant pressure. Drive the car to the hard flat road surface, the tread pattern plane contacts the road surface and the tire side does not have big deformation, for the air pressure is appropriate. Clean the valve tip before each filling and drain the pump or cylinder. In order to ensure that the expansion and expansion of the newly installed inner tube is not discounted, a small amount of air should be first filled before filling the tube to the standard air pressure. Check the valve nozzle for air leakage after filling. The proximity of oil or corrupt flammable substances is strictly prohibited. Wood block should be placed under the tire when storing.


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