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Maintenance during idle period of rice transplanter

Maintenance during idle period of rice transplanter


Author:Dekenag  Alice


At the end of rice seedling transplanting operation, the transplanter enters the idle period and does the warehousing maintenance inspection, which can extend the service life of the machine appropriately.


1. Appearance maintenance inspection. Check whether the external parts are cleaned and all damaged parts are replaced. Rust or not, whether the moving parts rust or not.


2. Engine maintenance inspection. Check whether the air filter is unobstructed and the sponge is clean; Whether the gasoline is discharged, the oil screw is closed; Whether the crankcase gear oil is replaced, whether the gear oil is clean; Slowly pull the recoil starter to pull the rope several times, whether the rotation is normal, there is no compression feeling.


3. Check the maintenance of hydraulic part. Check the wear degree of hydraulic belt (first class belt); Whether hydraulic oil is sufficient. Clean; Whether the hydraulic part movable parts are flexible, whether the oil injection place is oil injection; Whether the hydraulic copy of the floating plate action sensitive.


4. Check the maintenance of the inserted parts.Check whether the inserted transmission box, inserted arm and side chain box are filled with butter and oil; Whether the implant arm is in normal operation; Whether the space between seedling needle and door is correct and whether the quantity of vertical seedling taken is normal; Whether the guide rail is buttered or not; Whether vertical movement of rice seedling is normal, whether rotation of seedling seedling is normal.


5. Check the maintenance of the running part. Check whether the gear lever adjustment is reliable; Whether the running wheel is normal; Whether or not to oil the left and right steering cable.


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