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Maintenance and maintenance of corn no-tillage planter

Maintenance and maintenance of corn no-tillage planter


Author:Dekenag  Alice


The first,important instructions -- always pay attention to the machine speed and sound. Finish the daily work, remove the clay of the machine and tools, hang the grass, clean the remaining seed fertilizer, rinse with clean water and dry, and apply the rust-proof oil to the furrow scraper surface. Check whether the fixed nut is loose or worn. If it is loose, tighten it immediately. Replace the vulnerable parts when they are worn. Fill in the lubricating oil in time, check whether the fastening screws and key pins are loose, and remove any abnormity in time.


The second,regularly check whether the tensioning degree of each transmission part and the clearance of each matching part are appropriate, and adjust them in time.


The third,the dust, sundries on the cover of the machine shall be cleaned regularly, and the mud and dirt on the surface of the furrow scraper shall be cleaned regularly to avoid the rust of the machine after water accumulation.


The fifth, after the completion of each operation, the machine can be stored in the warehouse in conditions, and when stored outdoors, it shall be covered with plastic cloth to prevent dampness or rain.


The sixth,storage period maintenance:


1. Clean dust, dirt, seeds and other sundries inside and outside the machine.


2. Reapply the paint on the machine frame, cover and other places where the paint has been rubbed off.


3. Place the machine in a dry storeroom, make it empty when possible, and cover it with tarpaulin cloth to prevent the machine from being exposed to dampness, sun and rain.


4. Before use in the coming year, the seeder shall be cleaned and repaired in a comprehensive manner. All bearing cover shall be opened, oil and debris shall be removed, lubricating oil shall be put on again, and parts for dressing deformation and wear shall be replaced. After the parts are replaced and repaired, all the fastening bolts must be fixed as required.


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