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Maintenance 3 key points: spray machine

Maintenance 3 key points: spray machine


Author:Dekenag  Alice


Follow the instructions.Check and adjust the technical status of each part according to the machine specification, and lubricate each lubrication point. Keep clean and remove mud in time.


Rinse with water.At the end of each spray operation, spray with water for a few minutes to remove any remaining liquid in the tank, pump, and tube.


Storage of sprayer. After the completion of all operations, if parking for a long time, in addition to clean the liquid medicine cabinet, liquid pump and pipe, it is also necessary to remove the triangle belt, spray rubber tube, sprinkler, mixer and absorbent pipe, etc., and put these parts together with the body in a cool and dry place. Spray machine cannot be piled up with chemical fertilizer, pesticide and other corrosive goods to avoid corrosion damage. Rubber products should be hung on the wall to avoid pressure, folding damage.


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