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Leisure time harvester maintenance

Leisure time harvester maintenance


Author:Dekenag  Alice


The operation time of the harvester in a year is very short, park time is long, especially in summer autumn is rainy season, humidity in the air is big, if do not keep properly with maintain, will shorten the service life of harvester directly. How to maintain and keep the harvester has the following experience:

1. Parking of special storage

Harvester is a kind of large farm machinery and tools, it give the person to work hard to get rich make a contribution, should install a home for it, in order to avoid the wind blows rain to beat, insolation night dew. Can have a few machine hand for a variety of reasons, be afraid of trouble, fear to spend money, build a simple shed only. This is not good practice, once the wind blows over the shed, the fuselage by rain dew dip, not rust, not to remove the paint. Therefore, the operator must build a special machine library according to the type and shape of his harvester.

2. Register

All the tools, measuring tools, fixtures, especially the special tools and various parts used at random must be recorded and recorded to know what is missing and what is needed. And want special piece to put specially, special person is kept specially, avoid conveniently to put carelessly, so that use time take to take convenient. The disassembled battery can be kept separately by intermittent charging water injection or dry storage.

3. Cleaning and warehousing

At the end of the harvest season, both the inside and outside of the machine are covered with dirt, dust, vegetation, grain and other sundries. Therefore, before the harvester is put into storage, it must be thoroughly and thoroughly cleaned. The method is to use a water gun to rinse. If there is no water gun, use a long plastic pipe to connect the tap water and squeeze it with the thumb and forefinger.

4. After cleaning, if the machine body is found to be unpainted, it shall be immediately painted with rust prevention

As the saying goes, a small hole will not mend, a large hole suffering, do not look down on that small paint, rust will corrode a large.

5. Classified maintenance

The lubricating part shall be sealed with oil injection. All transmission belts shall be removed and cleaned to dry after being dried, and there shall be an indoor ventilation place to prevent moth or rat bite. For all transmission chains, wash and dry with diesel oil or kerosene, soak and cook in machine oil for 15-20 minutes, or soak overnight in machine oil, apply grease when no longer dripping, wrap with kraft paper and place in ventilated dry place.

Rubber and plastic products on the harvester, due to exposure to ultraviolet sunlight, easy to aging and deterioration, poor elasticity, easy to break. Therefore, the rubber parts are best kept with hot paraffin oil on the rubber surface and placed in a cool, ventilated, dry place indoors.

Spring, belt, lever, tire and so on, due to long-term stress or improper placement will produce plastic deformation. For this reason, support is required. If the supporting tire is not under pressure load, the pressure spring should be relaxed, the belt should be removed and stored separately, and the long knife lever should be removed and put flat or vertical.