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Large farm machinery upgrade specialization

This year, Wuzheng launched the "Enterprises and Companies to Build Together" project. This project is a new initiative of Wuzheng to implement the spirit of the No. 1 Document, support the development of agricultural machinery cooperatives and other service organizations, and promote the development of agricultural modernization. It is also a five-sign marketing transformation and service. A new way to upgrade. On April 7th, the CCTV News Broadcasting program broadcast a joint project of the Wuzheng Enterprise to boost the cultivation of spring crops, and large farm machines to upgrade specialized news. Please read the report.
 (Central News Broadcasting): Large-horsepower agricultural machinery ranges from a few hundred thousand to as many as a million, not to mention one farmer, and it is not easy for even a few professional cooperatives to buy one. However, a cooperative in Shanxi Datong has been plowing this year and has replaced large equipment almost overnight. What is going on here?
Early in the morning, Zipu Long started a new 120-horsepower tractor bought by the cooperative and began farming this year.
Reporter: Daddy, how does it feel to drive a new car?
General Manager of Shanxi Datong Putianyou Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. Ji Pulong: I was hooked. Before I opened the car, I drove 30 mu a day and I now reach 50 mu.
He is a general manager and farmer of agricultural machinery cooperatives. He specializes in providing farm machinery services to farmers. Although the old farm machinery cooperative is the largest in Datong City, there is no big farm machinery and no one can do a continual operation.
Dapu, general manager of Shanxi Datong Putianyou Agricultural Machinery Cooperative Co., Ltd., has a profit of less than 200,000 yuan a year, so it is difficult for agricultural cooperatives to rely on this profit to add large farm machinery.
In March of this year, the elder brothers went to Shandong to participate in the agricultural machinery exhibition and happened to meet an agricultural machinery company that wanted to expand the market through cooperatives.
Zhao Lingjiang, general manager of Wuzheng Group Agricultural Equipment Marketing Co., Ltd.: We originally sold our products on the market and waited for users to buy them. Now we take the initiative to go out and dock with agricultural machinery cooperatives and agricultural machinery companies to provide them with funds and technology. Management support.
The Wuzheng Group’s conditions for co-construction for LaoYi are: Wuzheng Group took out 100,000 cash or equipment to support cooperatives at one time; cooperatives enjoy preferential treatment of RMB 1 million for paying instalments; and provided management and technical training for cooperatives. And other large customer-level services. Laozhao not only shot the board on the spot, but also bought more than 600,000 large agricultural machinery for this year's spring plowing production.
Dapu, general manager of Shanxi Datong Putianyou Agricultural Machinery Cooperative Co., Ltd.: This has increased so much equipment. Our cooperation will not only serve farmers in this region, but also serve farmers across regions and provinces.
This year, they are planning to expand their work area from the original 6 mu to 10,000 mu, and Wuzheng Group will select 10 cooperatives in Shanxi this year as a pilot for co-construction and gradually promote it throughout the country.